Dublin iced coffee recipe

Irish Coffee Recipe | The Dublin Iced Coffee

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You've probably heard of an Irish coffee, but have you ever heard of a Dublin iced coffee? Taking coffee cocktails to a whole new level, we've created the perfect Irish coffee recipe, just for you.

It takes all of the luxury and deliciousness of an Irish coffee, but puts it on ice! First invented by acclaimed bartender Erick Castro, the Dublin iced coffee is full of the rich and velvety flavours of Guinness, as well as the classic flavours of whiskey and coffee.

If we couldn't persuade you ourselves, then take a look at Guinness themselves who decided to re-post our photo and recipe creation. With a whopping 260K followers, trust Guinness not us 😉


Dublin Iced Coffee Ingredients:

  • 40ml Irish whiskey
  • 20 ml simple syrup
  • 60ml Guinness
  • 60ml cold brew coffee
  • 15ml heavy cream
  • Grated cinnamon
  • Ice

    You have to try a Dublin iced coffee! You have to try a Dublin iced coffee!

Irish Coffee Recipe - Method:

  1. Make the cold brew coffee (steep 50g of coffee in 400ml of water overnight, then strain)
  2. Make the simple syrup (bring 250ml of water to a boil. Dissolve 130g of sugar in the water, stirring constantly. Once the sugar is dissolved completely, reduce the heat and cover. Allow it to simmer for about 5 to 10 minutes, and then remove from the heat. Allow the sugar syrup to cool completely and thicken, then bottle.)
  3. Add ice, cold brew coffee, Guinness, whiskey and simple syrup to highball glass
  4. Pour cream gently so it sinks into coffee and garnish with cinnamon.
  5. There you have it, your favourite new coffee cocktail, the Dublin Iced Coffee.

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