Best Coffee Beans For Cappuccino

11 Best Coffee Beans For Cappuccino UK 2024 (New Brands)

What brands have the best coffee beans for cappuccino in the UK? I will show you below but first, here is a short story.

Last month, Sarah, my coffee enthusiast friend in Bristol, was extremely depressed. She eagerly brewed her coffee each morning, hoping for that rich, creamy taste she loved from her local café. 

But time and again, her homemade cappuccino fell flat. She called me daily and told me the flavour wasn’t right and the coffee lacked a ‘special something’. She just didn’t know what that was.

Wet Capuccino

Like Sarah, maybe you’ve also stood in your kitchen, confused and frustrated. You've followed the recipes and frothed the milk perfectly, but something's still missing.

The answer? Well, it’s probably not your method; it's the coffee beans! Maybe the coffee beans you used aren’t freshly roasted, too bitter or just not right for a cappuccino.

I feel your pain and have also sipped on those mediocre cups, but I am here to help you. Using the best coffee beans for a cappuccino in the UK is the secret to cafe-quality cappuccino at home. 

Master the Espresso Machine

And I’m sharing the list with you right here! I’ve tried and tested each brand’s beans on this list and used my 10+ years of professional barista experience to ensure you get the best coffee beans for cappuccinos.

What Is A Wet Cappuccino?

First things first, let me walk you through the basics of cappuccinos. A wet cappuccino is a delightful variation of the classic cappuccino, distinguished primarily by its milk-to-foam ratio.

When talking about coffee, "wet" and "dry" refer to the amount and texture of the milk used in espresso-based drinks.

Practice Latte Art

  • Milk-to-Foam Ratio: A standard cappuccino usually has equal parts espresso, steamed milk, and foam. But a wet cappuccino has a greater proportion of steamed milk and less foam. This gives you a creamier and more velvety texture than the dry one. 
  • Flavour Profile: A wet cappuccino has a slightly milder coffee flavour because of more steamed milk. The milk tempers the boldness of the espresso and makes it a great choice for those who prefer a less intense coffee taste.
  • Texture and Consistency: The texture of a wet cappuccino is smoother and silkier. The reduced foam layer means the drink feels less airy and more liquid. This gives you a different mouthfeel from the frothier, traditional cappuccino.

What Is a Dry Cappuccino?

A dry cappuccino is another variation of the classic cappuccino. It's defined by its milk-to-foam ratio, which differs from a regular or a wet cappuccino.

Here are the key characteristics of a dry cappuccino:

Dry Cappucino

  • Milk-to-Foam Ratio: The foam is the main character in a dry cappuccino. It has less steamed milk and a larger proportion of milk foam than a standard cappuccino. The result is a drier texture, which is why it's called "dry" cappuccino.
  • Flavour Profile: A dry cappuccino has a more intense and robust coffee flavour with less milk to dilute the espresso. If you like a strong coffee taste, you’ll love this. 
  • Texture and Consistency: The texture of a dry cappuccino is airier and more frothy because of the higher foam content. You get a light feeling in your mouth, different from the creamier texture of a wet cappuccino. 

Where To Buy Coffee Beans For Cappuccino?

Ah, it's time for me to spill the beans, right? So, what are the best coffee beans for cappuccinos that made it to the top in my evaluation?

Here are the top three picks that aced my evaluation and are a must-try.

I have bought and used coffee beans from all the brands I will discuss. They deliver things really quickly. 

Also, Balance Coffee gives a £5 discount to new customers. This lets you enjoy a tasty cup of coffee that doesn't have mould, pesticides, or mycotoxins.


Product Benefits where to buy
Best Overall Rotate Espresso
  • Rated 4.9 stars
  • 100% Arabica & Speciality Grade
  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Boost Energy
  • Rich in Vitamin B3
  • Mycotoxin free
  • Mould free
  • Pesticide free
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Runner Up Fullsteam Espresso
  • Rated 4.8 stars
  • 100% Arabica & Speciality Grade
  • Versatile for espresso and cappuccino
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2nd Runner Up Italian Espresso
  • 100% Arabica & Speciality Grade
  • Rated 4.8 stars
  • Distinct notes of almonds and cocoa
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Choosing Coffee Beans for Cappuccino: Key Factors

To shortlist the best beans for Cappuccino for you guys, here are the evaluation criteria I used:

Factor How I Evaluated It
Bean Type Preference for Arabica beans, known for their smooth, complex flavours suitable for cappuccinos.
Health Benefits Preferred coffee beans free of the nasties like mould, mycotoxins and pesticides.
Roast Level Focusing on medium to dark roasts to get the rich, robust taste ideal for cappuccinos.
Flavour Profile Looked for beans with flavour notes that complement the creamy texture of cappuccinos, like chocolate or nuts.
Freshness Looked for freshly roasted beans to maximise flavour and aroma, enhancing the cappuccino experience.
Customer Reviews Researched and evaluated customer reviews for coffee bean brands to check for consistent quality and spot any issues.
Origin Considering beans from specific regions known for their quality and unique flavour characteristics.
Sustainability Prioritising ethically sourced and sustainably grown beans reflects responsible coffee consumption.

 I tried, tested and reviewed all brands across these factors. It took me around six weeks to finally assemble the best coffee for cappuccino that you can try without a second thought. 

And although not all of the coffee brands on the list are based in the UK, they deliver here, as I’ve tested.

10 Brands That Sells The Best Coffee Beans For Cappuccino 

I've rounded up ten brands nailing it with their coffee beans, ideal for that creamy, dreamy cappuccino you love. 

And let me tell you that each brand has its secret to making beans that shine in a cappuccino cup, from deep, rich flavours to those smooth, subtle notes. 

Coffee Beans For Cappuccino

So whether you're a cappuccino pro or just starting, these picks will guide you to your next favourite cappuccino coffee beans

1. Balance Coffee Rotate Espresso 

What I Liked

  • Premium, 100% Arabica and speciality grade 
  • Free of mould, mycotoxins and pesticides
  • Packed with health benefits of 1000 antioxidants and Vitamin B3
  • Delicious flavour profile with dark chocolate and cranberry
  • Ethically sourced and sustainable

What I Didn’t Like

  • Some customers may prefer lighter roasts

Brand Story:

I founded Balance Coffee in 2020 after spending ten years in the coffee industry. The reason? It's simple. I was astonished that 95% of the coffee beans available were commercial grade. 

Rotate Espresso

This meant that daily coffee has mould, mycotoxins and pesticides. I did my research and set up Balance Coffee. I source 100% premium Arabica coffee, free of the nasties and packed with healthy antioxidants. 

Origin, Bean Type, and Cost:

My Rotate Espresso blend, available in whole and ground forms, gives you the perfect balance with its medium to dark roast. 

The cost also gives excellent value for money. It costs £11.99 for a 250g bag.

Why It's Perfect For Cappuccinos:

The freshly roasted beans are 100% premium Arabica, and their quality shines through in cappuccinos. Some of the best coffee beans in the world are Arabica.

You’ll fall in love with dark chocolate and cranberry flavours as you brew your cappuccino. While the pricing is premium, it reflects the quality offered.

They’re also one of the best coffee beans for espresso in the UK if you love a steamy espresso.

Making and Drinking Experience:

Brewing this coffee is a treat. The aroma of dark chocolate fills the air, promising a rich taste.

Once you brew it as an espresso and then cappuccino, you’ll observe how the initial earthy notes transition smoothly into a delightful cranberry aftertaste, as I did. I loved the fruity yet robust coffee taste it left on my tongue. 

Balance Coffee Rotate Espresso

The cappuccino was creamy and left me feeling charged for the day.

Customer Reviews:

Users rave about its versatility, which is perfect for various coffee beverages, especially cappuccinos. The blend's rich, delicious flavours have earned it glowing reviews.

See for yourself:

Pardeep B.

‘Awesome - I am hooked!’


‘I tried all the main coffees, and Rotate is my favourite because I like my coffee a bit punchier!

I love buying healthy coffee, too.

According to the grading criteria, my Rotate Espresso is the best coffee bean for cappuccino. 

The beans are freshly roasted, of top-notch quality, and have won awards from the likes of BBC Good Food, have raving reviews and are loved by customers. 

And the best part? I give a money-back guarantee, so this is a zero-risk purchase for you.

Click here for the perfect cappuccino with Rotate Espresso now.

Lastly, if you’d like to get a whopping 15% off on your first order, just get our coffee subscription. You’ll get mouthwatering, healthy and freshly roasted coffee beans without any hassle. 

2. Volcano Coffee Works Fullsteam Espresso

What I Liked

  • Exceptionally smooth and fruity flavour profile
  • High-quality beans from Colombia
  • Versatile for espresso and cappuccino

What I Didn’t Like

  • Premium price point may not suit all budgets
  • Whole beans require grinding, extra step for some

Brand Story:

Over a decade ago, Kurt Stewart founded Volcano Coffee with a mission to bring café-quality coffee into homes. 

Volcano Coffee Works Fullsteam Espresso

The brand, inspired by the premium coffee taste of New Zealand, has established a renowned roastery in Brixton and is now one of the best coffee roasters in the UK. 

Origin, Bean Type, and Cost:

Fullsteam Espresso is a medium roast, whole bean offering sourced from Colombia’s Risaralda region. The price is a bit high pricing and reflects its premium quality and flavours.

Why It's Perfect For Cappuccinos:

What sets Fullsteam Espresso apart for us cappuccino lovers is its delicate balance of smooth chocolate and fruity undertones. 

It's perfect because of its luxurious texture and richly layered taste experience, ideal for a creamy cappuccino. 

It's also one of the best espressos for cappuccinos.

Making and Drinking Experience:

I loved brewing the Fullsteam Espresso coffee beans. I ground the beans using one of the best coffee bean grinders.

Once I brewed it, I enjoyed the beautiful aromas, from cocoa to ripe stone fruits. 

The first sip gave me a smooth chocolate flavour. Then, it gradually gave way to a sweet, fruity finish, complementing the creamy cappuccino froth.

Customer Reviews:

Customers love this blend for its distinctive flavours and versatility, making it a top choice for both espresso and cappuccino. 

It's one of the best coffee beans for cappuccino with its unique flavour profile and premium quality. 

Try Volcano Coffee Works Fullsteam Espresso

3. The Clumsy Goat Italian Espresso

What I Liked

  • Rich and bold flavour with a smooth finish
  • Distinct notes of almonds and cocoa
  • 100% Arabica beans, combining flavours from Brazil, Colombia, and South America
  • Ethically sourced with Fair Trade certification

What I Don't Like:

  • Dark roast might be too intense for some palates

Brand Story:

I’ve been a fan of Clumsy Goat for a while now. This brand has carved a niche in the speciality coffee world with its passionate commitment to quality and ethics. 

The Clumsy Goat Italian Espresso

They pride themselves on a traceable supply chain and support for the coffee industry, including farmers.

Origin, Bean Type, and Cost:

Their Fair Trade Italian Espresso consists of 100% Arabica beans sourced from Brazil, Colombia, and other South American regions. I’d say their cost reflects the premium quality and ethical sourcing practices.

Why It's Perfect For Cappuccinos:

Their balanced blend of flavours makes them one of the best cappuccino coffee beans.

The almonds and cocoa notes create a rich base that pairs beautifully with the creamy texture of a cappuccino.

Making and Drinking Experience:

Brewing these beans was a sensory delight for me. The aroma of almonds and cocoa filled my kitchen and gave me a rich coffee experience. 

I first brewed an espresso from them since they’re one of the best espresso beans for Cappuccino.

The first sip was bold and smooth, with a pleasant acidity that added depth to my cappuccino. I also loved the cocoa notes in the aftertaste, which gave me a satisfying finish.

Customer Reviews:

Customers love Clumsy Goat's espresso's bold flavour and smoothness. Its versatility for various coffee drinks, especially cappuccinos, is frequently mentioned.

Try the Clumsy Goat Italian Espresso

4. Mt. Comfort Coffee Espresso Roast

What I Like

  • Rich notes of chocolate and caramel, perfect for a sweet yet robust flavour profile
  • Certified organic, great for eco-conscious coffee lovers

What I Don't Like:

  • Very dark roast may be too intense for those who prefer lighter, subtler flavours

Brand Story:

I found MT Comfort Coffee online while looking for the best coffee for cappuccinos

Mt. Comfort Coffee Espresso Roast

With its commitment to organic and quality coffee, Mt. Comfort Coffee offers an Espresso Roast that's become a favourite in my cappuccino routine.

Sourcing beans from diverse regions like Ethiopia and Costa Rica, they've managed to create a classic and adventurous blend.

So naturally, I had to try the brand and see if it was worth the hype.

Origin, Bean Type, and Cost:

This blend features beans from Ethiopia and Costa Rica, known for their robust and flavourful coffee. 

As a very dark roast, it’s best for those cappuccino lovers who love a strong, impactful cup. The pricing is reasonable, especially considering the organic certification and quality.

What Makes it Perfect for Cappuccino:

For cappuccino enthusiasts like me, the chocolate and caramel notes of Mt. Comfort Coffee Espresso Roast are a dream come true. 

These flavours complement the milk's creaminess. The balance between the sweetness and bitterness is spot on if you ask me. 

It's no wonder why they’re one of the best coffee beans for cappuccinos

Making and Drinking Experience:

When I brewed these beans, I first noticed the inviting aroma of dark chocolate and caramel. 

The taste was equally impressive, I loved how the chocolatey sweetness smoothly transitioned into a rich, smoky aftertaste. 

Customer Reviews:

I’m happy to share that other customers have similar sentiments. They praise the blend for its rich flavour and versatility. 

It’s particularly popular among those who love a traditional cappuccino with a strong flavour kick.

Try out the MT Comfort Coffee Espresso

5. Kicking Horse Coffee, Kick Ass, Dark Roast, Ground

What I Liked

  • Rich and bold flavour with a unique blend of sweet tobacco, stone fruit, and cocoa
  • Certified organic, fairtrade, and kosher, making it an ethical choice
  • Versatile for various brewing methods, including French press and pour-over

What I Don't Like

  • The smaller bag size may not justify the price

Brand Story:

Kicking Horse Coffee is a very famous coffee brand that pays homage to the Canadian Rocky Mountains with its coffee. I’ve always liked Kicking Horse for their excellent quality coffee. 

Kicking Horse Coffee, Kick Ass, Dark Roast, Ground

This blend is another ode to quality and responsible sourcing, with a commitment to organic and fair trade practices.

Origin, Bean Type, and Cost:

This dark roast coffee is shade-grown and certified Arabica. The pricing reflects its ethical sourcing and quality, but the smaller bag size is something to consider. 

I do think that while this is one of the best ground coffee for cappuccinos I’ve tried so far, it's not budget friendly. 

What Makes It Perfect for Cappuccino:

The complex flavours of sweet tobacco, stone fruit, and cocoa make this coffee a fascinating choice for cappuccinos. 

I also love how this dark roast gives a well-rounded cup that complements the creamy milk. It creates a satisfying and nuanced cappuccino.

Making and Drinking Experience:

I brewed this ground coffee using a French Press because that’s what most people had recommended in the reviews.

The first sip was a journey that started with a smooth tobacco note, then moved into the sweetness of stone fruit, and ended with a hint of cocoa. 

I loved the unique flavours of this blend, so I’d say it's the best coffee ground for cappuccino around town.

Customer Reviews:

Customers often praise the rich, bold flavours of Kicking Horse’s Three Sisters blend. It's appreciated for its energising qualities and unforgettable taste, though some mention the cost relative to the bag size.

Try out the Kicking Horse Kick Ass Dark Roast Ground Coffee

6. Pact Coffee Bourbon Cream Espresso

What I Liked

  • Rich, dark roast that brings out bold flavours
  • Unique blend of chocolate, cream, and biscuit flavours
  • Naturally processed Brazilian coffee with a sweet profile

What I Don't Like

  • The dark roast may overpower the subtler flavours for some

Brand Story:

Pact Coffee is one of my favourite coffee brands, purely because of their quality. Founded in 2012 by Steven Rapoport, Pact Coffee started just weeks before his wedding. 

Like me, he aimed to deliver fresh coffee to Londoners and has one of the best coffee beans in the UK.

Pact Coffee Bourbon Cream Espresso

The brand has created a unique blend, the Bourbon Cream Espresso, that stands out in the coffee world. They’re one of the best coffee beans for milk drinks like cappuccino.

Origin, Bean Type, and Cost:

This blend is a Brazilian coffee known for its sweet and mouth-watering flavours. 

The cost is on par with premium coffees. But I’ve found the cost justified by its distinct taste and quality.

What Makes it Perfect for Cappuccino:

The blend's dark roast, combined with the sweet undertones of chocolate and cream, makes it an excellent choice for cappuccinos. 

The biscuity finish adds a unique twist, enhancing the creamy texture of the milk in a cappuccino.

Making and Drinking Experience:

I first ground the freshly roasted beans and brewed an espresso. Then, I made my cappuccino by adding steamed milk and foam.

The first sip was a delightful surprise; I think the boldness of the dark roast was perfectly complemented by the sweet notes of chocolate and a hint of creamy biscuit. 

It gave my cappuccino a depth and richness that was comforting and indulgent.

Customer Reviews:

Many customers rave about the unique flavour profile of Pact Coffee's Bourbon Cream Espresso, especially its distinct biscuity finish. 

It's often recommended for those who enjoy a strong yet sweet espresso base for their cappuccino.

Try out the Pact Coffee Bourbon Cream Espresso

7. Stumptown Coffee Roasters, Medium Roast Whole Bean Coffee

What I Liked

  • Balanced medium roast with flavours of milk chocolate, cherry, and orange
  • Ethically sourced through Direct Trade, supporting producers and families
  • A blend of seasonal single-origin coffees for a unique taste

What I Don't Like:

  • Specific flavour notes might not appeal to all palates

Brand Story:

Stumptown Coffee Roasters is not based in the UK but their delivery here is prompt. I have ordered from this brand before, so I know their quality delivery.

Stumptown Coffee Roasters, Medium Roast Whole Bean Coffee

Their Direct Trade program ensures they work closely with producers, fostering long-standing relationships and guaranteeing top-notch Arabica beans.

Origin, Bean Type, and Cost:

this blend combines seasonal single-origin coffees. The medium roast level has a balanced flavour, making it a versatile choice for various coffee preferences. 

I’d say the price is fair, considering the quality and ethical practices behind each bag.

What Makes It Perfect for Cappuccino:

What makes it one of the best cappuccino beans? Well, it is its well-rounded profile. The notes of milk chocolate, cherry, and orange are amazingly delicious. 

Making and Drinking Experience:

I liked the floral and nutty aromas during brewing.

The cappuccino had a smooth, chocolatey base, a subtle cherry brightness and a hint of orange zest.

It was a unique experience in my experiment for the best coffee beans for cappuccino

Customer Reviews:

Buyers love this blend for its unique flavour profile and ethical sourcing. It's especially popular among those who enjoy a more nuanced and less intense coffee experience.

Try our Stumptown Coffee Roasters Medium Roast Whole Bean Coffee

8. Kahwa Cuban Coffee Beans, Cubano Dark Roast Espresso Blend

What I Like

  • Uniquely sweet and slightly fruity finish, despite being a very dark roast
  • Lower acidity and bold taste that pairs well with various types of milk for cappuccinos
  • Cuban origin offers a pleasant deviation from more common coffee sources

What I Don't Like:

  • Bold taste works better with full fat milk which isn’t a great choice for healthy coffee lovers

Brand Story:

Kahwa Coffee has Cuban roots and gives an espresso blend with a delightful twist on traditional coffee. It's also roasted to the darkest level without the typical sharp, bitter profiles.

Cubano Dark Roast Espresso Blend

It is a new coffee brand on my radar, and I tried it specifically for my experiment on the best coffee beans for a cappuccino.

Origin, Bean Type, and Cost:

This blend has a distinct taste, a welcome change from the more familiar Colombian and Brazilian coffees. 

The pricing reflects the unique quality and origin of the beans, making it a worthy choice for those seeking something different in their espresso.

What Makes It Perfect for Cappuccino:

The Kahwa Cubano Dark Roast is perfect for a cappuccino lover like me. 

Its sweet, slightly fruity notes shine through the milk, creating a rich yet pleasantly sweet cappuccino. 

Also, the lower acidity ensures that the bold flavours aren't lost in the milk. These factors make it one of the UK's best coffee beans for cappuccinos.

Making and Drinking Experience:

Believe it or not, brewing this coffee was quite intriguing. Despite its dark roast, the aroma hinted at sweetness and fruitiness. 

And my first sip confirmed this: it had a bold espresso base with a sweet, fruity undertone. It blended beautifully with the milk in my cappuccino, striking a perfect balance between boldness and sweetness.

Customer Reviews:

Customers who prefer a sweeter cappuccino love this blend. Many appreciate how it maintains its unique flavour even when paired with milk.

Try out the Kahwa Cuban Coffee Beans

9. Spiller and Tate Signature Blend Coffee Beans

What I Liked

  • Smooth and rich taste, with a full-bodied, well-rounded profile
  • Unique flavour of roasted almonds and caramelised demerara sugar

What I Don't Like:

  • The medium roast may lack the intensity sought by some 

Brand Story:

Spiller and Tate, since their start in 2014, have quickly climbed the ranks to become a favourite among coffee enthusiasts. 

Spiller and Tate Signature Blend Coffee Beans

It’s also one of my favourite coffee beans. Their freshly roasted, premium coffee beans make them a top choice for the best coffee beans for cappuccino.

And their Signature Blend is a multi-award-winning product and shows their dedication to quality and taste. 

Origin, Bean Type, and Cost:

The blend is crafted from Arabica beans sourced from five different locations. This gives it a rich and diverse flavour profile. 

The reasonable pricing offers good value for a blend that has garnered awards and widespread acclaim.

What Makes It Perfect for Cappuccino:

This blend's rich and smoky taste of roasted almonds and the sweetness of caramelised demerara sugar make it an excellent choice for cappuccinos. 

It provides a depth of flavour that complements the creamy milk, creating a harmonious and indulgent drink.

Making and Drinking Experience:

When I brewed the Signature Blend, I was immediately impressed by its aroma. It was a tempting mix of roasted almonds and sweetness. I could also tell by the aroma that the coffee beans were freshly roasted.

And the taste? The first sip was smooth and rich, with the roasted almond flavour coming through beautifully. 

This was followed by a hint of sweetness but without any bitter aftertaste. This unique twist to the classic drink made my cappuccino taste even better.

Customer Reviews:

Customers praise this blend for its unique flavour profile and versatility. The absence of bitterness and the blend's suitability for cappuccinos. 

It's no wonder it's one of the best coffee beans for cappuccinos.

Try out the Spiller and Tate Signature Blend

10. San Francisco Bay Whole Bean Coffee

What I Liked

  • Blend of dark and medium roasted beans for a bold yet balanced flavour
  • Smooth taste that brightens up any morning
  • Certified Kosher and harvested from high altitudes for distinct quality
  • Ethically and sustainably produced, providing peace of mind

What I Don't Like

  • The specific blend of dark and medium roasts may not suit all coffee preferences

Brand Story:

San Francisco Bay Coffee is known for its commitment to freshness and quality.

I really like their diverse range of coffee blends. 

San Francisco Bay Whole Bean Coffee

And their focus on 100% Arabica coffee and ethical production practices makes them a brand worth supporting.

Origin, Bean Type, and Cost:

Fog Chaser is a unique blend of dark and medium roast beans with a robust yet smooth flavour experience. 

Priced at $21.99 for a 2lb bag, it offers good value, especially considering the quality and ethical sourcing. The price also makes it one of the best coffee beans for a cappuccino with good value for money.

What Makes It Perfect for Cappuccino:

The Fog Chaser's bold flavour profile and smooth finish make it a great choice for cappuccinos. 

It gives a strong coffee base that works well with the creamy milk and gives a satisfying and invigorating cappuccino.

Making and Drinking Experience:

The rich aroma was instantly noticeable when I brewed Fog Chaser. 

Also, the first sip was a pleasant surprise. The smoothness of the medium roast complemented the boldness of the dark roast.

The flavours gave my cappuccino a robust foundation enhanced by the smooth finish Fog Chaser is known for.

Customer Reviews:

Fog Chaser is often highlighted for its unique taste and affordable price. The satisfaction guarantee is a testament to the brand's confidence in its product. 

This is also one of the reasons why it's one of the best coffee beans for cappuccinos.

Try out the San Francisco Bay Whole Bean Coffee

Types of Coffee Beans for Cappuccino.

You must’ve figured it out by now; the coffee beans you use to brew your cappuccino play an important role. 

I’ve spent a decade in the coffee industry and also worked as a professional barista. And I’ve seen how the right type of coffee beans completely transform your coffee experience.

So, let’s talk about the two most popular types of coffee beans and how their characteristics can influence your cappuccino experience.

The two main types of coffee beans are Arabica and Robusta.

Arabica and Robusta Coffee Overview

The Arabica Coffee:

Arabica beans are the world's most widely consumed coffee beans, making up about 60% of global coffee production. 

In fact, in 2021/22, Arabica coffee production amounted to about 87.4 million 60-kilogram bags worldwide.

Arabica Coffee

These coffee beans are popular for their sweet, soft taste and higher acidity. 

Arabica beans are often grown in areas with higher elevations, contributing to their nuanced flavour profiles. And when it comes to their flavour profile, they often have delicious hints of fruits, nuts, or chocolate. 

Their complexity makes them a favourite among coffee enthusiasts like me. 

Robusta Coffee:

On the other hand, Robusta beans are more robust, as the name suggests. They are easier to grow and more resistant to pests and diseases, often making them cheaper than Arabica beans. 

Also, Robusta beans have a stronger, harsher taste with a grainy earthiness and less acidity. 

Robusta Coffee

They are known for having a higher caffeine content, which gives them a bitter flavour.

Why Are Arabica Beans Generally Better for Cappuccino?

This brings us to the next big question: which coffee bean is the best for cappuccino? 

Arabica coffee beans are generally the top choice for cappuccinos. Let’s see why:

Factor How it makes Arabica beans a top choice
Flavour Complexity Arabica beans have a range of flavours like fruits, nuts, and chocolate that depth to cappuccinos.
Balanced Acidity Higher acidity in Arabica beans gives brightness that balances well with creamy milk in cappuccinos.
Sweetness Arabica beans are inherently sweeter and less bitter, complementing the milk's sweetness in cappuccinos.
Smoothness Arabica beans give a smoother cup of coffee, ideal for the delicate balance in cappuccinos.

While Robusta beans add body and crema to the coffee, Arabica beans are usually the better choice for a cappuccino, where flavour subtlety and balance with milk are key. 

Arabica beans give a more refined and enjoyable cappuccino experience. All these reasons make them the best coffee beans for cappuccinos.

Tips For Making Cappuccino Like A Professional

If there’s anything I’ve learned after brewing thousands of cappuccinos, it's that the perfect cappuccino is like an art form that combines skill, quality ingredients, and attention to detail. 

High Quality Beans

Here are some professional tips to help you craft a cappuccino that rivals those made in the best coffee shops. No more feeling disappointed like Sarah did!

Select the Right Coffee Beans

  • Choose High-Quality Beans: Opt for freshly roasted Arabica beans for their flavour complexity and smoothness. For best results, opt for the best coffee beans for cappuccinos I’ve recommended in this guide.

Perfect Your Espresso Shot

  • Grind Your Beans: Grind your coffee beans right before brewing to ensure maximum freshness and flavour.
  • Get the Right Grind Size: Aim for a fine grind suitable for espresso machines. (I’ve done a complete guide on the best grind sizes)
  • Master the Espresso Machine: Practice pulling a perfect shot of espresso – it should take about 25 to 30 seconds for a balanced flavour.

Use The Right Milk

  • Use Fresh, Cold Milk: Start with cold milk (whole milk is preferred for a creamier texture) for the best froth.
  • Steam to Perfection: Aim for milk that’s steamed to have a velvety texture rather than large bubbles. The ideal temperature is around 150-160°F (65.6-71.1°C)
  • Practice Your Pour: Pour the milk with a steady hand, starting high and then bringing the pitcher closer to create a smooth blend with the espresso.

Grind Your Beans

Froth Right

  • Get the Right Froth: For a traditional cappuccino, aim for equal parts espresso, steamed milk, and foam.
  • Avoid Over-Frothing: Too much foam can overpower the drink, causing a loss of  balance between espresso and milk.

Control The Temperature

  • Preheat Your Cup: A warm cup keeps your cappuccino hot longer and maintains the flavour profile.
  • Monitor Espresso Temperature: Ensure your espresso is not too hot, as it can burn the coffee grounds, altering the flavour.

Add Final Touches

  • Clean Equipment Is Key: Always start with a clean espresso machine and frother to prevent old flavours from contaminating your cappuccino.
  • Practice Latte Art: While optional, learning basic latte art can add a professional touch to your cappuccino. 
  • Serve Immediately: Cappuccinos are best enjoyed fresh, so serve them as soon as they’re ready.

Remember, making a cappuccino like a professional barista takes practice. Don't be discouraged if your first few attempts aren't perfect. 

Enjoy the process of learning and experimenting with different techniques to find what works best for you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

You have some questions, I will answer them below.

Which Coffee Beans Are Good For Cappuccino?

Arabica beans are often preferred for cappuccinos due to their smooth, complex flavours and balanced acidity. Medium to dark roasts are ideal, enhancing the coffee's richness without overpowering the creamy milk. Balance Coffee, Volcano Coffee Works and Clumsy Goat have the best coffee beans for cappuccinos in the UK.

What Is A Cappuccino Scuro?’

A Cappuccino Scuro is a darker version of the traditional cappuccino, with a higher ratio of espresso to milk. This results in a stronger, more intense coffee flavour, appealing to those who prefer a robust coffee taste.

What Kind Of Coffee Do I Need For Cappuccino?

You need a high-quality espresso coffee for cappuccino, typically a medium to dark roast. Arabica beans are recommended for their superior flavour and balance, which harmonise well with the milk in a cappuccino.

How Many Types Of Cappuccino Coffee Are There?

There are several types of cappuccino, including traditional, wet (more milk, less foam), dry (less milk, more foam), scuro (darker, more espresso), chiaro (lighter, more milk), and flavoured varieties like vanilla or caramel.

Why Is Cappuccino The Best Coffee?

Cappuccino is often considered the best coffee for its perfect balance of rich espresso, warm milk, and smooth foam. This combination creates a harmonious blend of flavours and textures, appealing to a wide range of coffee enthusiasts.

What Is A Cappuccino Chiaro?

A Cappuccino Chiaro, also known as a "light cappuccino," has a higher ratio of milk to espresso, resulting in a milder coffee flavour. It's preferred by those who enjoy a creamier, less intense coffee experience.

What Is A Cappuccino Freddo?

A Cappuccino Freddo is essentially a cold version of the traditional cappuccino. It typically consists of cold-frothed milk over iced espresso, making it a popular choice in warmer climates or as a summer beverage.

What Are Cappuccino Variations?

Cappuccino variations include traditional, wet (more milk), dry (more foam), scuro (more espresso), chiaro (more milk), flavoured (like vanilla or hazelnut), and iced versions like Cappuccino Freddo, catering to diverse tastes and preferences.

What Coffee Blend Does Starbucks Use For Cappuccino?

Starbucks typically uses its Espresso Roast blend for cappuccinos. This blend is a dark roast known for its rich flavour and caramel sweetness, making it well-suited for the strong espresso base required in cappuccinos.

What Is The Best Espresso For Cappuccino?

The best espresso for cappuccino is typically a medium to dark roast, providing a balance of rich flavour and acidity. Arabica beans are preferred for their superior taste and smoothness, enhancing the overall cappuccino experience. The Rotate Espresso by Balance Coffee is the best espresso for cappuccino. 

What Beans Do Starbucks Use For Cappuccino?

Starbucks generally uses its signature Espresso Roast coffee beans for cappuccinos. These beans are a dark roast, offering a bold and rich flavour that complements the frothy milk in cappuccinos.

Can You Make Cappuccino With Regular Coffee Beans?

While traditional cappuccinos are made with espresso, you can use regular coffee beans to make a similar drink. The flavour will be milder and less intense, but it can still be enjoyable.

What Type Of Milk Is Used For Cappuccino?

Whole milk is commonly used for cappuccinos due to its richness and ability to create smooth, velvety foam. However, alternatives like skim milk, soy, or almond milk can also be used depending on dietary preferences.

How Much Coffee Do You Need For A Cappuccino?

For a standard cappuccino, you typically need one shot of espresso, which is about 7-9 grams of coffee beans. This forms the base of the cappuccino, to which steamed and frothed milk is added.

How Long Should You Steam Milk For Cappuccino?

Milk for a cappuccino should be steamed until it reaches a temperature of about 150-160°F, which usually takes about 15-20 seconds. This creates the ideal texture and temperature for the milk without scalding it.

What Is The Difference Between A Latte And A Cappuccino?

The main difference lies in the milk-to-espresso ratio. A latte has more steamed milk and less foam, resulting in a creamier, milder coffee, while a cappuccino has equal parts of espresso, steamed milk, and foam, offering a stronger flavour.

Is Cappuccino Healthy?

In moderation, cappuccino can be a healthy choice. Choosing the right beans, like Balance Coffee, will contain antioxidants and nutrients. However, added sugars or syrups can increase calories, so it’s best to consume them judiciously.

How Should A Cappuccino Be Served?

A cappuccino should be served in a small, 6-ounce cup to maintain the ideal balance of espresso, steamed milk, and foam. It's best enjoyed fresh, immediately after preparation.


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