Why you need to try our coffee subscription service

Why you need to try our coffee subscription service

Have you ever tried a coffee subscription service? It’s the best way to try delicious, rare coffees from around the world to experience at home. Don’t believe us? Here are all the reasons why you should try our subscription service, and why it is so perfect for you and your lifestyle.

What is a coffee subscription service?

To put it simply: a coffee subscription service is coffee delivered straight to your door with no fuss!

Our coffee subscription service is designed to remove the hassle out of reordering coffee. Simply select your preferences, including the frequency of your subscription, and we’ll automate the rest by taking payment and delivering coffee to your doorstep.

Why use a coffee subscription service?

There are so many reasons why a coffee subscription service is the perfect way to drink coffee at home. Here are some of our personal favourites:

Convenience – We cannot overstate how convenient a coffee subscription is! Creating your subscription takes less than five minutes, and you can receive speciality-grade coffee on autopilot from there! It really takes the hassle out of re-ordering coffee. Simply select your delivery frequency and grind type and we’ll automate the rest by taking payment and delivering coffee to your doorstep. Our packages are also designed to fit neatly through your letterbox.

Flexibility – We are also extremely flexible! If you’ve invested in a great coffee grinder, you can just log into your account and change your subscription of ground coffee to whole beans. Or if you happen to be travelling, you can simply skip a month or readjust how often you want your coffee to arrive. We have weekly, biweekly and monthly options! No matter how much coffee you drink, you’ll always have incredible speciality coffee on hand.

Exploring the world of coffee – We know it can sometimes be difficult to choose what coffee you want to try next, especially when there are so many delicious options available! With our coffee subscription service, we do the choosing for you so you can try a wide variety of flavours. Throughout the year we’ll send you an array of delicious coffees, including ones that you may not have thought to try before.

best coffee subscription service

Some of our coffee range

We’re even happy to work with you! If you have a specific preference for chocolate-based or fruit-based flavours, just let us know. We can personalise your subscription to your taste.

Special perks – Finally, joining our coffee subscription means you’ll get exclusive access to our newest coffee releases. You’ll be drinking some of our newest coffees before anybody else! Members also get 10% off each order automatically.

Why choose Balance?

We may have convinced you why you need to try a coffee subscription service – but why should you get it from us?

Quality:  Our coffees are the highest quality available. Known as speciality coffee, all of our beans score 80 or above on the 100 point coffee review scale. But what does this actually mean? Well, it means that our coffees have a unique depth of flavour that you’re not going to get anywhere else. We’ve had coffees with nuanced notes of black treacle, lavender, figs, and other delicious flavours!

speciality coffee - coffee subscription service

All of our coffees are speciality grade

Furthermore, speciality-grade coffees also offer different flavours that you won’t get from lesser grades. Depending on the coffee, you can get sweet, acidic, or full-bodied notes. This isn’t your normal coffee – this is coffee that will take your tastebuds on a journey. We think you deserve amazing coffee beans, and with our coffee subscription service, you’ll have them on hand at all times!

The selection – All of our single origin coffees are seasonal. This means that they’re only available for a relatively short period of time before they are out of season. This means that your coffee subscription rarely repeats coffees (unless you ask us to) and will provide a great range of different flavours. Furthermore, our selection is very unique – we’ve sourced coffees from China, Peru, Myanmar, Ethiopia, and more! You’re very unlikely to find a selection of coffees quite like ours.

Sustainability – One of the other reasons why you should choose our subscription is because everything we do is designed to be sustainable, both for people and the planet. Our packaging is 100% recyclable (every part can be completely recycled at home, including the valve and zipper), and we only source from coffee cooperatives and direct trade relationships. This means that we are able to pay our coffee farmers a fair wage, which they can use to sustain themselves and the environment around them. Our full range of coffees is always fully traceable, which means you will know the coffee farm, the region and the altitude in which the coffee beans are grown in. We’ve written a blog about ethically sourcing coffee if you’d like to know more.

Furthermore, by choosing our coffee subscription service, you’re helping us to plant trees! The restoration of trees is one of the most effective strategies for climate change mitigation. We have therefore teamed up with Ecologi to become a climate positive workforce. They aim to plant one billion trees to help reduce the harmful effects of CO2. You can see how many trees we’ve planted!

Finally, with every bag of coffee you receive, we we donate 1% to Project Waterfall, a charity initiative bringing clean drinking water, sanitation and education to coffee growing communities.

Project Waterfall -

Our coffee supports Project Waterfall

Expertise – We don’t just love coffee. At Balance, we live coffee! Our founder James learned the craft of coffee from the ground up, first working at one of the UK’s largest coffee companies as a barista trainer, and then going on to work for world famous Italian espresso machine manufacturer, Sanremo UK. Here he headed up sales and marketing for the UK for a number of years. From here, during the Covid 19 pandemic, James combined his 8 years of coffee knowledge and his passion for ethically-sourced coffee and created Balance!

It’s pretty clear that James knows his stuff – and he wants to teach you how to get the very best out of your coffee beans, too!

The extra mile – Finally, we’ve thought of everything that you need to maximise the flavour of your coffee. For example, we have specifically designed our packaging to keep your coffee as fresh and delicious as possible. It has a one-way air valve which allows carbon dioxide to pass through and out of the bag, without allowing any oxygen in.

This is necessary because when coffee beans are roasted, they release carbon dioxide as a byproduct. Allowing the carbon dioxide to leave the bag without letting air in (a process known as de-gassing) keeps the coffee fresh because when the beans are exposed to oxygen, they start to go stale. It’s also designed to keep moisture away from the beans (which will also make them go stale).

We also have lots of how-to videos, coffee brew guides, and recipes that will help you make the most out of your coffee beans.

banana milk coffee - coffee subscription service

Our banana milk coffee recipe

We’re also full of recommendations for coffee grinders, espresso machines, and many other pieces of brewing equipment. After all, what’s the point of having incredible coffee beans if you don’t also have incredible equipment?! And finally, the Balance Barista School has many different blog posts with helpful information, such as the difference between Arabica and Robusta beans, the potential effects of caffeine, and the 10 types of speciality coffee to try before you die.

As you can see, a coffee subscription service really is the best way to enjoy speciality-grade coffee in the comfort of your home. To try our coffee subscription for yourself, simply head over to create your subscription and choose your coffee type and your delivery dates. We’ll see you there!

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