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Bulletproof Coffee UK Recipe: Sustained Energy

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So you went searching online for bulletproof coffee uk to learn all about the benefits of this fascinating coffee drink including how to make it? Fortunately, you're in good hands as today we're going to be sharing everything you need to know to get your head around this coffee drink.

Bulletproof coffee in the UK is a pretty popular coffee drink however, there are many people out there who haven't heard of it and don't know what it is.

What is Bulletproof Coffee?

This interesting new drink first came on to the scene back in 2011, after founder of Bulletproof, Dave Asprey introduced this new concoction to the world.

Bulletproof coffee consists of coffee, MCT oil and grass-fed butter to create a drink that provided a sustained energy boost by utilising quality fats for the body. It was quite a revolutionary idea since this drink went against the grain of everything we knew about nutrition.

The notion behind this drink is that it substitutes your breakfast and kick starts your day with a sustained energy boost without the slump. Other benefits include, improved mental clarity and focus although, no complete evidence exists.

bulletproof coffee uk

When to Drink Bulletproof Coffee?

This coffee drink is perfect for those who are looking to operate on a Keto diet. If you're looking to find out when to drink bulletproof coffee, during the morning is said to be the most valuable time to consume bulletproof coffee in the UK.

Why? Since fat slows down digestion, the caffeine in the coffee is absorbed at a slower rate, meaning the energy boost lasts longer than usual.

You won't experience the blood sugar crash that you'll typically receive after eating certain cereals for example.

How to Make Bulletproof Coffee?

Making bulletproof coffee uk is pretty simple really. You'll just need to take the time to purchase the key ingredients and combine them together to enjoy this turbo charged coffee drink.

Once served the drink resembles a creamy latte as all the ingredients combine together in a connected way.

Our Expert Recipe


  • 1 shot of espresso using our top rated speciality coffee beans or ground coffee.
  • 15g of grass-fed organic butter or coconut ghee as an alternative.
  • 1 tbsp MCT oil
  • Optional additions: cinnamon, collagen peptides, cardamom

    Our Expert Bulletproof Hack

    We recommend adding some chocolate to your mix. But not the typical option.

    Add in one square of 100% cacao chocolate (to avoid adding additional sugar) and it will help with cognitive function and mood as well as, anti inflammatory properties.

    ground coffee


Grab the best coffee beans in the uk, obviously Balance coffee. Produce a good sized espresso shot before adding in about 15 grams of grass-fed organic butter (or some coconut ghee if you want to stay plant-based).

Next you'll want to add a table spoon of MCT oil before mixing it together in a mixer or with a froth maker.

I also like adding some collagen peptides for benefits of extra collagen and protein and some cardamon (to balance my Pitta dosha - for those of you who know Ayurveda will know). This cup of coffee makes for a great breakfast, not just coffee!"


Bulletproof Coffee or otherwise known as Keto coffee and butter coffee, clearly have both benefits and downsides to consuming.

We always recommend consulting a doctor before taking on any new fad diet since everyone's body is unique and it will depend on how your body reacts. For example, if you have high cholesterol, it's not a good idea to add more saturated fat to your diet so this recipe might not be a good idea.

Since no scientific research studies have been produced surrounding bulletproof coffee in the UK, we are left with an inconclusive result.

There are certainly some benefits to drinking bulletproof coffee such as, reducing weight loss and improved cardiovascular performance. If you make this recipe, share it with us on Twitter or Instagram using #balancecoffeerecipes.

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