Top 10 Best Coffee Storage Containers UK 2024

What are the best coffee storage containers in the UK?

When you open a fresh roasted bag of coffee beans, you smell a gorgeous fragrant aroma. You're convinced that there is no greater scent than the aroma of freshly brewed coffee.

But you open that same bag a week later and wonder where the bursting aroma went? Your coffee now smells like cardboard rather than the enticing notes of rich coffee it formerly did.

So what changed? This has nothing to do with the ground coffee. The issue lies elsewhere - in how correctly you're storing your coffee.

After you've read through this blog, you'll never have this issue again, because here at Balance Coffee, we're all about helping you get that perfect brew. This roundup will list ten of the best coffee storage containers in the UK and explain how each one works and what they're best suited for.

Whether you want to use these containers at home or take them with you when travelling, you'll find that these are some of the best coffee storage canisters in the UK today. But before we dive deep into all this, we would love to let you in on some little details, shall we?

What Are Coffee Storage Containers?

Coffee storage containers are an essential part of any coffee drinker's life. Coffee storage containers are used to store coffee beans or ground coffee. They keep your precious beans fresh and ready to brew at a moment's notice. They're often made from plastic, glass, ceramic or stainless steel. In addition to storing your coffee, they keep it fresh and prevent it from going stale. Coffee-Storage-Containers These storage containers come in various sizes, styles, and materials. The perfect coffee storage container can add an extra flair to your kitchen or office and increase functionality.

While coffee storage containers come in different builds, most are made with airtight seals to keep your beans fresh. Some, however, are sealed using vacuum technology.

This vacuum seal keeps out oxygen, which is coffee's arch nemesis to freshness and flavour. When in contact with air, it causes your beans to lose dramatic flavour.

Which type you choose depends on personal preference and how often you grind or open and close your container. To help you narrow down your options, we've picked 10 of the best coffee storage containers online in the UK.

How Much Is A Coffee Storage Container?

The price of a coffee storage container has a lot to do with the brand you're purchasing and what you're looking out for in a canister.

For example, a brand like CoffeeGator costs about £18 while other brands like Airscape are a bit pricey, going for £55. Deciding the amount you should spend on a coffee storage container is based on two main factors: price and quality.

So naturally, the better quality and more durable your coffee storage container, then, generally speaking, it'll cost you more. woman thinking holding a cup of coffee But it's not simply about money; at some point, you must consider what you want out of your coffee storage container and how long you expect it to last.

Also, considering how much you should spend on a coffee storage container, it's helpful to compare it with other items that do similar jobs.

It can help give you a better idea of what sorts of prices are realistic and what your budget should be. Sometimes, your ground coffee storage container might be more expensive than another item, such as a food processor or kettle.

Top 10 Best Container For Ground Coffee In 2023

A suitable coffee storage container is crucial to making a good tasting coffee.

It might seem obvious, but not everyone knows what makes a suitable coffee storage container or what they are called.

Besides, once you've spent so much money on great beans, you don't want them to go stale by storing them in containers that don't protect them well enough.

But not to worry, here are the best coffee containers in 2022, and we're positive you'll find one that checks out the boxes for making that perfect home brew.

1. Airscape Coffee Storage Canister

This Airscape coffee storage container is an expert at keeping moisture and air out.

On the other hand, this one pushes any air in the canister out. This creates the most fantastic air-free environment for your coffee, keeping it fresher for longer. Airscape-Coffee-Storage-Canister Furthermore, the cover allows carbon dioxide to escape. Why would you require that?

Freshly roasted coffee beans emit carbon dioxide. If you buy freshly ground coffee or roast, you'll need a canister to release the carbon dioxide.

But, then, you won't have to panic about carbon dioxide becoming trapped in the coffee container and potentially deforming – or even exploding.

How does the system function? After you've added your coffee, screw the inner top-down and seal it.

The top generates a vacuum, pushing any air from the container out. As it chases the air out, you'll hear a gratifying sound. You can tell your coffee is sealed.

Then you may add the extra plastic top, which is just aesthetic. The container is built from food-safe galvanised steel that is lightweight.

The dark tint also makes it lightproof, blocking out UV light. The plastic top is also BPA-free.

This is undoubtedly one of the best canisters for keeping coffee at home or anywhere.

Buy the Airscape coffee storage container here.

2. Coffee Gator Stainless Steel Container

Gator's sturdy, airtight coffee container fits on any counter. It also seals out humidity and UV rays.

The top has a latch that locks out air and contains a carbon dioxide release valve.

The carbon dioxide release valve is crucial if you roast your coffee yourself or buy freshly roasted coffee from a roaster. Coffee Gator Stainless Steel Container Your coffee will degas in about three days. You don't want the gas to escape from the container.

A container without a release valve can even explode in this situation.

There are three sizes of the Coffee Gator container. Make sure to choose one that suits your storage needs.

If you don't require much storage space, the smaller (9 ounces) or 260g of whole coffee beans will do just fine.

The medium size may be right for you if you store up to 16 ounces of coffee beans. The larger canister holds up to 22 ounces (or 645g) of coffee beans.

This airtight coffee container weighs less than a pound, making it versatile and portable. You may select the colour that best matches your décor from stainless steel silver, grey or black.

Each one includes a scoop and new carbon dioxide filters. The date tracker at the top helps keep track of freshness.

By rotating the dials, you may set the month and day. In addition, you can use the best by dates or the date the beans were roasted.

If you want to preserve your coffee grinds airtight and free of humidity, this is one of the best containers for storing coffee at home.

However, this falls a little short if you want an oxygen-free atmosphere.

Buy the Coffee Gator Stainless Steel Container here.

3. Fellow Canister Storage Integrated Airtight Seal

Fellow is one of the more upscale coffee brands, and most of its equipment is either quite high-tech or rather innovative.

This canister is no different. This may be the storage container if you enjoy coffee and appreciate a refined, simple style. You can choose clear glass, sleek white or matte black.

Unlike other large coffee storage containers, this one allows you to pump the air out, which is intriguing and offers unique value.

The vacuum pump is built within the lid. To use it, just twist the outside half of the lid back and forth, gradually removing the air.

When you're opening the container, simply press down on the lid's button.

This should equalise the pressure within the canister. The storage container is available in three sizes: small (6 ounces), medium (stores up to 10 ounces), and large canister (16 ounces).

Remember that transparent glass containers will not protect your coffee from direct sunlight. However, if you're going to store your coffee in a cabinet, glass containers are great.

You can choose between white or black stainless steel models to shield your coffee from UV rays if you wish to leave it on the counter.

Fellow is a brand that produces some of the best vacuum coffee storage containers in the UK.

Buy the Fellow Canister Storage Integrated Airtight Seal here.

4. Airscape Ceramic Storage Canister

This glazed ceramic container with a bamboo cover is adorable. But it's more than simply gorgeous.

Most coffee canisters are airtight, so they do not allow air to enter. That's an excellent first step toward coffee bean storage.

On the flip side, this vacuum canister takes an effort further. It drives the air out, assuring optimal shelf life and quality for your beans.

This is why coffee lovers vet this product from Airscape as the best airtight Coffee container in the UK. Airscape Ceramic Storage Canister The lid forces the gas out of the canister with a gratifying sound. It also keeps the air out.

The top additionally includes an inbuilt CO2 valve that allows carbon dioxide to escape.

There are no batteries or additional equipment required to activate the vacuum effect.

Simply press the inner top-down and flip the handle. You're confident your coffee is protected from the three devils: humidity, sunshine, and air.

The bamboo top is just decorative and has no bearing on the coffee's airtightness. So even if it appears, the freshness of your coffee will not be compromised.

Whether you're a big fan of coffee or not, there's an airtight coffee container suitable for you here, with three size options available.

The little 4-inch canister holds eight oz. (250 g). The medium 7-inch container holds up to a pound or 500 gr of coffee beans, while the larger 8-inch holds 2.5 pounds.

Buy the Airscape Ceramic Storage Canister here.

5. BlinkOne Coffee Canister Airtight Container

The BlinkOne airtight coffee container is a beautiful piece of stainless steel that seals heat, light, and moisture.

Thanks to the aluminium casing finish and screw-on top, it has an exquisite appearance.

The stainless steel body keeps air, sunshine, and humidity out, as well as cooking heat and smells. BlinkOne Coffee Canister Airtight Container It comes with a little scoop attached to the lid. This coffee bean storage canister has a capacity of 18 ounces.

The lid screw comes in handy and is convenient for those with small hands or difficulty holding heavy objects.

Furthermore, you don't have to worry about coffee grinds being caught within the top seal, making it an ideal choice for ground coffee.

This is an intriguing storage container with several exciting features. It may lack the intricate seals found on some of the other items on this list.

However, it is helpful and well-made for its intended purpose.

Buy the BlinkOne Coffee Canister Airtight Container here.

6. Ankomn Vacuum Storage Canister

Ankomn is a brand that brings new technologies and concepts to your house.

They are a group of inventors that search out those bothersome but little difficulties around the house and create practical, elegant solutions to such problems. Ankomn-Storage-Canister. Their designs are simple, elegant, and valuable, created to be as lovely to use as they are to look at, ushering in a new way of thinking for your house.

Ankomn's Coffee Canisters are the ideal speciality coffee equipment for consumers who want high-quality coffee and understand the importance of fresh coffee.

Pour the coffee beans or grinds into the coffee container and secure the lid.

Now, turn the crank on the lid, and the N-Seal will pull all the air out of the container. Despite being made of plastic, the Ankomn container is exceptionally durable. Unfortunately, the plastic used is not readily evident from the instructions.

However, after researching their website, I learned that the Ankomn container is made of Polycarbonate.

Polycarbonate is a durable material that is impact-resistant and temperature resistant.

Polycarbonate, unlike other plastics prone to breaking and discolouration, is sturdy and durable and will not fade or discolour with time.

Because the Ankomn eliminates all air, your coffee beans will last far longer than other popular coffee storage canisters that utilise a clasp.

Buy the Ankomn Vacuum Storage Canister.

7. OXO Good Grips Coffee Container

The OXO Good Grips Coffee Container is slightly different from the other storage canister on our list.

It is, in particular, transparent. Your coffee is visible! Clear sides are fantastic for a fish tank, but is this essential in coffee?

Typically, getting to see your coffee isn't good news. It is because UV rays can cause significant harm to beans over time. OXO Good Grips Coffee Container On the other hand, the OXO coffee container provides certain precautions against this.

It comprises a transparent polymer that filters 99% of UV radiation. It preserves your coffee and offers you a good view of your beans without any disadvantages.

Aside from its appearance, this is an excellent airtight coffee container.

It will not allow any air to enter. It keeps your coffee fresh. You even have the satisfaction of manually activating it by pressing a button on top to seal your coffee beans without any air.

The lid is detachable, and the container itself features a dispensing tip. It eliminates the need for a scoop or spoon.

These are some beneficial ergonomic characteristics. This is an excellent container to consider if you're looking for something aesthetically pleasing.

Buy the Good Grips Coffee Container here.

8. The Braviie coffee canister

The stainless steel Braviie coffee canister is elegantly crafted. It employs an airtight seal to keep your speciality grade coffee fresh.

Suffocating your beans will not harm them; it will preserve their freshness.

This airlock seal features a CO2 filter, which is convenient. The seal prevents possibly dangerous gases from entering your coffee. C02 can escape through a one-way valve in this filter. Braviie-coffee-canister This preserves it fresh without exposing it to gas buildup, destroying its flavour.

A clasp lid controls the airtight seal. It is designed in a traditional style. So while it isn't the most visually appealing, it isn't likely to turn people off.

Yeah, nothing too spectacular, but not wrong in style either. This canister also comes with a coffee scoop.

It's a feature that reduces cleaning time! There's also a dial for keeping track of expiration dates.

These small details make a big difference with the Braviie coffee canister. 

Buy the Braviie coffee storage canister here.

9. Veken Airtight Stainless Canister

The Veken Airtight Stainless Canister has several unique extras that genuinely set it apart from the competition.

Along with this comes a functional canister and seal. It serves its purpose.

This one is airtight and has a CO2 valve to keep your coffee fresh. It's also thick enough to keep your coffee safe from the nefarious powers of heat and sunshine.

The Veken airtight container comes with several great features. For example, the expiry date marker is a rotating indicator on the lid.

When the bean has been out for too long, it won't taste as good, and you'll be able to tell.

It helps you remember because it's easy to lose track of coffee that should be replaced.

There's also a complimentary scope, which is excellent but is unlikely to be the primary draw.

It is a terrific canister with or without the bonuses, so having it is a big plus.

The Veken is constructed with high-quality materials without compromising style too. 

Buy Veken airtight stainless coffee storage container here.

10. Planetary Design Airscape Coffee Container

With its unusual seal, this Planetary Design coffee canister stands out among the rest.

It has a two-way valve that allows CO2 to escape while keeping the contents fresh.

In addition, the two-way closure keeps air and humidity out, keeping your beans flavorful. Planetary Design Airscape Coffee storage Container It also allows CO2 that may be created within the container to escape.

This preserves the taste while releasing the gas accumulated around your beans. For a seal and valve, it doesn't get much better than this.

The Planetary Design container is constructed of strong, reinforced metal. It's also built from BPA-free materials.

That should reassure you that you may safely store food in this container.

The plunging seal, followed by the lid, may be inserted into the can. You should hear a burst of air from the canister when you attempt to remove it.

This noise indicates that it is functional, and it also sounds cool. The Planetary Design canister is ideal for combining style and convenience.

Buy the Planetary Design here.

Coffee Storage Ideas

Keeping your coffee at its freshest is very important, so you need to store it properly. Over time, light and heat can cause a roasted bean's delicate oils to deteriorate, resulting in a stale brew.

Store your coffee away from direct sunlight and opt for airtight containers that shield their contents from UV rays.

Keep them away from sources of heat—coffee may begin to absorb undesirable flavours if kept near items such as stovetops or warming trays.

There are also vacuum-sealed containers on today's market that are ideal for storing high-quality beans.

There are a few other storage tips to keep in mind. For example, the ideal temperature for storing coffee is between 60 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. But keep it away from hot areas like an oven or dishwasher

 It's also a good idea to keep your coffee away from acidic items like vinegar and tomatoes. The acids could react with your coffee, giving it an undesirable taste.

Coffee Pod Storage

Also called K-Cups, coffee pod storage containers are one of the most popular storage for pre-ground coffee.

Despite how useful they are, however, storage containers for K-Cups can be tough to find. You shouldn't just toss your pods into a drawer or cupboard - but what about these?

Like their larger cousins (coffee grounds), improperly stored K-Cups can dry out and become unusable within months.

If you plan on keeping your K-Cups for long periods, buying a specialised large coffee jar is best. Coffee Pod Storage There are many varieties available - both online and in physical stores - but they all serve to hold your K-Cups while also preserving their freshness.

Most devices keep each pod upright so its lid points upwards and its gasket or filter remains sealed.

It prevents air from getting into your coffee, preventing premature flavour deterioration and keeping everything fresh for longer.

Even better: a few containers have small holes on top that allow airflow to gently pass through your pods so you can smell them more easily.

Some containers even come with lids that double as drip trays, making pouring your grounds into a coffee maker simpler.

These coffee kitchen appliances are a great addition to any coffee lover's kitchen. In addition, they're designed specifically for K-Cups, so you won't have to worry about doing additional research if you run into any compatibility issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of container is best to store coffee?

The best coffee containers in London are usually airtight and opaque. This will help prevent light from reaching your coffee, which can cause it to lose flavour. Glass containers are a great option because they're airtight and transparent, so you can quickly see how much coffee you have left. However, if you choose a glass container, make sure it's not translucent, as these types of glass allow light to pass through them.

What is the best way to store coffee to keep it fresh?

Airtight containers are best because they'll keep oxygen out and prevent beans from going stale. Your coffee will lose its flavour and go stale much more quickly if exposed to the open air. If you're using paper or plastic bags, ensure they're tightly sealed to prevent air from getting in. Ensure your roasted beans are stored in an airtight container when you remove them from the paper bag.

How do you store 1kg of ground coffee?

Ground coffee will last longer if you store it in an airtight container and keep it away from heat. The flavour and aroma of ground coffee can diminish within a few weeks, so make sure to use your coffee as soon as possible. However, if you want to store ground coffee for longer than a few weeks, put it into an airtight container with a one-way valve that allows carbon dioxide to escape but keeps oxygen out.

Should you store coffee in an airtight container?

An airtight container is necessary to keep different types of coffee from going stale. Air will cause your coffee to lose flavour, so it's best to put it into an airtight container that's opaque or transparent. Oxygen can penetrate clear and translucent containers, so glass jars are great for storing food but not ground coffee. If you use a paper bag, transfer your beans into an airtight container once they've been roasted.

Does a coffee canister work?

If you want to store your coffee, canisters are a great option. They're airtight and opaque, keeping light out and preventing your coffee from going bad. If you want to use a canister, look for one that has an airtight seal on it. Airtight containers are best because they keep oxygen out and prevent beans from going stale. Coffee-Storage-Ideas

Is it better to store coffee in plastic or glass?

When storing coffee, you have two options: glass or plastic. If you want to use a glass container, ensure it's not translucent. Transparent containers allow light to pass through them, which can cause your coffee to lose flavour. However, if you're using a paper or plastic bag, ensure they're tightly sealed to prevent air from getting in. A plastic container that comes airtight is best for storing decaf coffee beans.

Should I store coffee beans in a Mason jar?

Mason jars are great for storing dry goods like beans and rice, but they're not suitable for coffee. Mason jars allow light to pass through them, which can cause your coffee to lose flavour. If you're planning on using a Mason jar for coffee storage, you'll have to ensure that it's opaque or transparent.

Can you store coffee grounds in Tupperware?

While Tupperware is great for storing food, it's not ideal for coffee. The main problem with Tupperware is that it doesn't allow air to escape. This means that your coffee will continue to lose flavour over time. Another issue with Tupperware is that it's transparent or translucent, allowing light to pass through and causing your coffee beans to go stale faster. If you want a storage container for ground beans, make sure it has an airtight seal that isn't clear.

Can you store coffee in a Ziploc bag?

If you're planning on storing ground coffee, it's best to put it into an airtight container. The best containers for storing coffee allow carbon dioxide to escape but keep oxygen out. Ziploc bags are great for storing small amounts of dry goods like grains, but they don't work well for ground coffee. That is because Ziploc bags aren't airtight and can let light through.

How long will coffee last in Mylar bags?

Mylar bags are excellent for storing coffee because they're airtight and prevent oxygen from getting in. They're also transparent, meaning light can't pass through them. It is a big plus when it comes to keeping your coffee fresh. These bags can keep your coffee for weeks.

Why do you need a coffee storage container?

The main reason to use a coffee storage container is to keep your beans fresh. Fresh coffee has a much better flavour than old coffee, so keeping your beans airtight and out of light is essential. If you don't have a storage container, you can put your beans into an opaque or transparent bag and close it tightly.

Where can you buy coffee storage?

Coffee storage containers can be purchased online and also in local retail shops. Nevertheless, you should subscribe to a coffee subscription to get quality at the best price. You can get the best quality coffee equipment delivered to your doorstep.

Is it okay to freeze coffee?

Freezing is a good option if you're looking for a way to keep your coffee fresh for longer. However, frozen coffee doesn't taste as good as unfrozen coffee. This is because freezing causes moisture to get trapped inside your beans. Freezing also breaks down some of your beans' essential oils and aromas. When ready to use frozen coffee, let it thaw at room temperature or put it in a warm oven.

Can you store coffee overnight?

Yes, you can store coffee overnight. But, if you're keeping coffee at room temperature, you should use it within a few days. If you plan to store it for longer, refrigerate it and ensure it's kept sealed.


When you buy coffee beans, it's easy to immediately grind them up in a coffee machine or coffee grinder and brew a cup.

But storing whole beans can increase their flavour and help extend their shelf life.

If you haven't yet, try holding your next bag of coffee in one of these top 10 best coffee storage containers.

They should keep your beans fresh for at least a month or two. While there's nothing wrong with buying your beans from local stores or speciality cafes, why not get quality coffee delivered to your doorstep?

Suppose you love trying new blends and discovering new flavours. In that case, the best coffee subscriptions in the UK can offer an exciting journey.

You can also pair this up with your favourite espresso coffee grinder, so make sure to check it out as well! And as always, don't forget to subscribe to Balance Coffee. Your flavour awaits!