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Best Coffee Bags In The UK 2024 (Top 11)

What are the best coffee bags in the UK? Over the past few centuries, coffee has undergone various stages of packaging.

From canning roasted coffee to sealed one-pound packages, coffee has become a global sensation.

Today, coffee bags are the easiest way to make coffee at home that tastes as if it came from a barista.

Ready within seconds and a few gestures, coffee bags are taking over the beverage world.

Sure, there’s instant coffee, but coffee bags win out each time when you talk about quality and portability.

What Are Coffee Bags?

Coffee bags are just like teabags: they are small heat-sealed pouches, usually made of paper, that contain single servings of roasted and ground coffee.

They are a simple and quick way to make your morning cup of coffee without the huffs, puffs, and intricacies of professional coffee makers! best bags of coffee But if you are still sitting on the fence about coffee bags, here are some hard facts that will make you want to get your box today.

Minimalist Look With A Richer Flavour

Coffee bags are a one-stop shop for rich flavour and a breathtaking aroma.

The reason? Before sealing, coffee in coffee bags isn't brewed and dehydrated like instant coffee.


Are you one of those people who always wake up late for work? And regret it because you have to grab a coffee from the shop and gulp it down quickly on the bus? Then clearly, you’ve never been introduced to the utter convenience of a coffee bag.

You only need hot water and a nice coffee mug, and you’re good to go within minutes. what-are-coffee-bags You can also easily use a coffee bag to make yourself a cup of steaming, work-from-home coffee as you surrender to a whole day behind the computer.

Easy Clean-Up

Suppose you’ve never taken out the trash, only to have the whole thing break open and spill a mound of coffee grinds everywhere. Are you even a coffee enthusiast? With good quality coffee bags, you use one and chuck it in the bin, making clean-up a walk in the park.

Environmentally Friendly

Some coffee bags are 100% biodegradable, making them the best choice for the environmentally conscious.

10 Best Coffee Bags In The UK

Are you sold on the idea of coffee bags? Well, everyone is. But the story doesn’t stop there. We want to share a gold mine of coffee bags with all our coffee enthusiasts. Here we have a list of the top 10 best coffee bags available in the UK, specially curated to save you even more time.

So whether you are a Robusta or Arabica fan, there is a bag for your choice. And speaking of Robusta, check out my blog post on Arabica vs Robusta coffee beans.

Best Coffee Bags In The UK

Top 5 Best Ground Coffee Bags UK

We hear you asking: what are the best coffee bags I can get?

Our list of the top coffee bags in the UK includes the very best. So you don’t have to worry about things like flavour, richness, aroma, and the overall quality. We have got it all covered.

Balance Coffee

colombia-single-origin James Bellis set up balance coffee in London during the coronavirus pandemic.

James is quite the coffee expert and has worked in the coffee industry for 8 years! Balance Coffee has different types of coffee available: Blends, Single Origin Coffee, and Decaf Coffee.

They also offer taster packs for those who want to explore their options before settling on one.

Their variety of coffee bags has something for everyone. You probably won't find such diversity elsewhere with flavours laced with cranberry, dark chocolate, and plum. They offer 15 to 60 coffee bags per delivery, with 10g of coffee in each pack.

Their coffee starts from £7.99. They deliver coffee fortnightly, monthly, and weekly and use 100% recyclable coffee bags.

Their packages are also letterbox friendly and ship all over the UK.

They are also partners with several environmental organisations, including Ecologi, which plants one tree for every coffee sold, and Project Waterfall, a nonprofit that assists coffee farmers by providing them with safe drinking water, sanitation facilities, and schooling. So if you’re looking for the perfect coffee for cafetiere, Balance Coffee might be what you’re looking for!

New Kings Coffee - Best Coffee Bags UK

New King’s Coffee was set up in Briston in September 2017 by Jason. He got so fed up with drinking the same bland coffee at every corporate event that he decided to make his own! Organic light roast, organic medium roast, organic dark roast, and organic decaf roast coffee tea bags are for sale at New Kings Coffee. New Kings Coffee They offer 10-100 coffee bags per delivery, with 8g of coffee per bag. Their coffee starts from £6.99.

They deliver coffee every 1,2,4,8, and 12 weeks and use 100% plastic-free coffee bags.

Their packages are letterbox friendly, and they ship all over the world.

They source their coffee sustainably and pay a premium on the Fairtrade price to coffee farmers. What’s unique about them, though, is that all of their coffee is organic, which means

  • It is better for the planet
  • It has no genetically modified ingredients
  • It is a good source of nutrition
  • It has fewer pesticides
  • It is free from artificial flavours and colours

Paddy and Scott’s - Best Coffee Bags UK

Paddy and Scott started selling coffee in 2007 out of the trunk of their car. Their regular coffee includes such blends as Made With Love, Jerry Can, Wakey Wakey, Easy Days, Chit Chat, and Cafe Decaf. paddys and scotts coffee bag They offer 31-100 coffee bags per delivery, with 10g of coffee in each coffee tea bag, and have two varieties to choose from.

Their coffee tea bags start from £18.99. They use 100% compostable coffee bean bags made from corn starch, their packages are letterbox friendly, and they ship their coffee worldwide.

Paddy and Scott’s are partners with such organisations as UTZ, Fairtrade, and the Rainforest Alliance Association.

They also have a coffee farm in Kenya called the Muchomba Project. Since 2017, this initiative has grown to produce good coffee to fill more than 1 million cups annually.

Raw Bean

Alex Cox established Raw Bean Coffee in 2012. Their coffee tea bags include such blends as Definitely Decaffeinated, Breakfast Blend, Striking El Salvador, Deliciously Dark, and Relax Revive Go. raw-bean-stir-coffee They offer 10-50 coffee bags per delivery, with 12g of coffee in each coffee tea bag, and have four varieties to choose from.

Their coffee tea bags start from £4.50. They use 100% biodegradable coffee bags, their packages are letterbox friendly, and they ship their coffee worldwide.

If you are looking for the best coffee bag design, then be sure to check theirs out. According to them, it gives the coffee space to expand and infuse, leading to richer flavour and fresher aroma.

The amount of coffee they use in each coffee tea bag (12g) also makes the perfect ratio for a coffee cup.

Their coffee is high-quality, and they actively look for ways to reduce their carbon footprint.

They highly regard everyone connected to their coffee’s journey from plant to cup.

Frontline Coffee

Frontline Coffee was founded in 2018 by Max Broxton and Tom Taylor of the London Fire Brigade and Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service, respectively.

Their coffee tea bags include the Latin American Coffee Bags and the Single Origin Ethiopia. Frontline Coffee They offer 35-50 coffee bags per delivery, with 10g of coffee in each coffee tea bag, and have two varieties to choose from.

Their coffee tea bags start from £5.00. They deliver coffee every 1 to 10 weeks. Their packages are letterbox friendly, and they ship all over the world.

While their coffee bags aren’t currently home-recyclable, they accept used coffee bags to recycle them industrially at Terracycle.

They were established to support frontline charities monetarily and by raising awareness.

Their supported charities include The Fire Fighters Charity, the Royal National Lifeboat Institute, NHS Charities Together, The Laura Hyde Foundation, The Ambulance Staff Charity, and the British Association of Critical Care Nurses.

Top 5 Best Decaf Coffee Bags UK

Do you work in an office full of old geezers with health issues? Or are you a late-night coffee drinker who uses coffee to relax rather than to boost his energy?

Decaf coffee's health benefits are no secret. And with a decaf coffee bag, your healthy boost is just minutes away.

Decaf coffee bags might be your pick if you feel like any of these resonate!

We will help you find the perfect decaf bag of coffee. Here, we have a list of 5 top decaf coffee bags online.

Taylors Of Harrogate

Taylors Of Harrogate was founded in 1886 by Charles Taylor as an English tea house in Harrogate, England.

Their coffee tea bags include the Rich Italian, the Hot Lava Java, the Decaffe, and the Flying Start. Taylors Of Harrogate coffee bags They offer ten coffee bags per box, with approximately 10g of coffee in each coffee tea bag, and have four varieties to choose from. Their coffee tea bags start from £2.80.

You can buy their coffee online at Their packages are letterbox friendly, and they distribute coffee worldwide. Their coffee bags are carbon neutral certified.

Founded originally as a tea company, they are founding members of the Ethical Tea Partnership.

They are also partners with the Rainforest Alliance. They also have certified Q graders in their coffee team, a globally recognised tasting certification held by just 40 individuals in England.

Black Insomnia

Sean Kristafor founded black Insomnia Coffee in Cape Town in 2016. Their coffee pour-over bags include the Full Flavour and the Classic Flavour bags. black insomnia pour over bags They offer 40 pour-over coffee bags per box, with approximately 7g of coffee in each pack, and have two varieties to choose from. Their pour-over coffee bags start from £19.99.

Their packages are letterbox friendly, and they ship coffee worldwide.

They roast their coffee using a traditional Italian process, which imparts a nutty scent and a bittersweet chocolate flavour to the drink.

With 1105 milligrams of caffeine per 12-ounce cup, their claim that they make the “world’s strongest coffee” certainly holds.

Lyons go-Joe

In 1904, Lyons Coffee opened in London as a tea shop. Go-Joe No. 3, Perkadilly No. 4, Rockadero No. 5, and Decaf Dreams coffee tea bags are available. Lyons go-Joe coffee bags They offer ten coffee bags per box, with approximately 7g of coffee in each bag and have four varieties to choose from.

Their coffee bags start from just £2.20. Their packages are letterbox friendly, and you can purchase their coffee from Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Nisa, Ocado, and UCC Coffee Direct.

They are working with packaging specialist company Tipa, through which they ensure that their coffee bags are 100% compostable.

They also donate to Project Waterfall, a nonprofit that assists coffee farmers by providing them safe drinking water, sanitation facilities, and schooling.

Presto Coffee

Presto Coffee was founded by James Haggerty in 2018 with the mission to create “coffee that doesn’t cost the earth”. Their coffee tea bags have three flavours: Smooth Italian, Intense, and Decaf. Presto coffee bags They offer 25 coffee bags per packet, with approximately 13g of coffee in each pack, and have three varieties to choose from. Their coffee bags start from just £8.99.

They deliver coffee bags every 1,2,4 or 6 weeks, with one packet (25 packs) per delivery.

The company is a B-corp certified company which means that they maintain high standards in their operations and their coffee farmers get a fair deal.

Presto Coffee also employs cleaner roasting technology to roast their beans and offer subscriptions for all their products.

Farrer’s Columbian

Farrer’s coffee was founded in 1819 in Kendal, England, by John Farrer. They offer their coffee tea bags in their Columbian blend.

They offer 15 coffee bags per packet, with approximately 7g of coffee in each bag.

heir coffee bags start from just £3.95. Their Columbian blend coffee is vibrant and delicious, with toffee apple and blackcurrant aromas.

Coffee Bag Subscription UK

You’re probably thinking, good Lord, there are so many options for coffee bags! How on earth do I settle on one?

And we understand because each brand we’ve listed maintains high standards and provides excellent quality coffee. coffee subscription uk But settling for a coffee bag subscription service requires careful consideration.

You’re paying a lot and will likely be stuck with that coffee service for at least a while. Balance Coffee offers a remarkable subscription service and believes in giving the best-quality coffee bags to customers.

Balance also has relaxed policies that prioritise customer convenience over anything else. Here are seven reasons why Balance Coffee provides the best decaf coffee bean on the market:

  • Balance Coffee is 100% pesticide, mould, and mycotoxins free, making it one of the healthier choices to consume
  • With our subscription, you save 15% on every recurring order.
  • You save time because once your subscription is in place, we ensure you never run out!
  • You save the environment because we’re planting trees with every coffee order
  • You save on shipping because we offer free shipping on every order
  • By subscribing to us, you become our member. And all of our members get expert coffee advice and priority support.
  • Our subscription is more flexible than a rubber band. You cancel, change or pause your subscription anytime.

And each cup of coffee made with Balance’s coffee bag will be rich, hard-hitting, and flavourful. And the aroma?

You’ll be surprised to know that the sweet aroma of a coffee bag can spread so far.

So if you’re looking to buy the best coffee beans in the UK, you should check out the Balance Coffee selection.

We guarantee we are the best place to buy coffee bags!

Frequently Asked Questions

Before deciding on the best coffee bags to buy online UK, it is natural to have some questions about coffee bags and coffee subscription services.

Here we have compiled answers to some of the most popular questions about coffee bags.

How Do I Use a Coffee Tea Bag?

Using a coffee teabag is just like using a regular tea bag. After all, they’re just tea bags with ground coffee instead! To use a coffee tea bag, put it in a mug, pour 8-10 ounces of hot water, and let it steep for a while.

The richness of the coffee is proportional to how long you let it steep. The longer you allow the coffee tea bag to sit in the mug, the more coffee extracts.

Which Is The Best Tasting Coffee Bags?

If you want a list of the best coffee bags, you can take a look above at our best coffee bags review. But suppose you’re looking for a spiritual experience, a sacred manifestation of the most exquisite coffee available only to the 19th-century overlords in their Edwardian manors. In that case, you might consider going for Balance Coffee Bags. Our speciality-grade coffee is tested often to make sure it stays high-quality. It comes from ethical sources, and it's sure to give you a clean energy boost! And if you’re one of those campers, you might want to check out the best coffee bag for camping and coffee maker for camping.

Do Coffee Bags Go Bad?

Coffee bags contain coffee grinds that gradually lose quality over time. Although these ground coffee bags are sealed, and the coffee in them doesn’t undergo various processes, they retain their best flavour. This is for a maximum of a couple months after their roast date.

Are Coffee Bags Recyclable?

It depends on which company you choose, as different companies use different materials for their coffee bags. Balance Coffee ensures that its coffee bags are 100% recyclable to produce more sustainable coffee. This results in a greener environment, reduce our carbon footprint and subsequently helps fight climate change.

When Was the First Coffee Tea Bag Made?

Hand-sewn teabags became commercially accessible in 1904 after being patented in 1903. As for coffee brewing, it was not until the 1970s that it began to be used. Nowadays, they are available in many different sizes and materials, with every company putting their unique spin on them.

Where to Buy Coffee Bags?

You can choose any of the brands mentioned above to purchase a coffee bag. Just make sure not to mix them up with coffee drip bags, which work on a slightly different principle. They depend on high-temperature pressure to send water to the showerhead and weight to bring it down.

How Much Coffee is in a Coffee Bag?

This again depends on the brand you choose, but typically the amount of coffee in a single coffee tea bag ranges from 8g to 12g. Let's compare this with the best coffee machine. It uses about 14g (one tablespoon) for lighter coffee and about 28 grams (two tablespoons) for more robust coffee. You can also learn more about the best coffee kitchen appliances to see how they compare to coffee bags. While you're at it with the best coffee kitchen appliances, you may check out the best burr coffee grinders as well.

What is a Coffee Bag for Cold Brew?

Coffee bags for cold brew are typically big cotton bags that store a considerable amount of coarse ground coffee. Coffee grounds for cold brew need to be coarser and in cotton bags, since water should be able to permeate readily and thoroughly steep the grounds. Finer grounds, in this case, will result in dry clumps.

Is a Coffee Bag Ground Coffee?

Yes, coffee bags contain ground coffee of different grind sizes appropriate for other brews. For example, you may use a coarse grind made from best coffee grinder for a cold brew since it has a smaller surface area and takes a while to extract. And for a quick mixture of regular coffee, you may want to use a finer grind since it extracts faster owing to a higher surface area.

How to Use a Coffee Tea Bag?

Using a coffee tea bag is as easy as popping it in your coffee mug and pouring hot water into it. That’s it! But if you want a fresher experience, you may want to pour in hot water first in a smaller quantity to let the coffee bloom for a while (about 30 seconds). Then pour in the rest and wait for about 3 minutes before removing the coffee tea bag.

Is a Coffee Bag Good?

Coffee tea bags have a variety of benefits. The primary one is convenience and ease of use. But they also offer a much richer flavour than instant coffee while having roughly the exact brewing time, provide easy clean-up, and are environmentally friendly too! We hope these FAQs answered all your questions about coffee bags. But if you have more, you can always reach out to us at, and our team will be more than happy to assist you!


It’s a simple equation. You love coffee but are always on the hunt to make quick yet flavourful and rich coffee.

The best coffee bags have the power to deliver a steaming cup of coffee with a fantastic taste. It would be best if you got coffee bags.

But if you are wondering which coffee bags are best, you need not look further. Our detailed review will point you in the right direction to get the best coffee bags.

Also, treat yourself to the best espresso coffee grinders you can use when working at home. You may also check out our coffee equipment and pair it with the best coffee subscription.