3 Ways to Sip More Sustainably 🌱

As a fellow eco-enthusiast, you're already making a difference. Let's boost your green routine with these four simple coffee hacks.

Why not enjoy your brew and help the planet too?

1. Turn Coffee Grounds into Garden Gold 🌿
Don't throw away those spent coffee grounds! Rich in nutrients like nitrogen, calcium, and potassium, they're perfect for enriching your garden soil or compost. Plus, they help deter pests like insects and slugs.

2. DIY Coffee Scrub for Glowing Skin 💆‍♀️
Give your skin a treat with a homemade coffee scrub. Just mix used coffee grounds with water or coconut oil for a natural exfoliant that revitalizes your skin.

3. Neutralise Odors Naturally 👃
Combat stubborn kitchen odors with coffee. The nitrogen in coffee grounds helps absorb and eliminate unwanted smells, freshening up your space effortlessly.

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