Lion's Mane Ground Coffee - 3 Month Gift Subscription
Lion's Mane Ground Coffee - 3 Month Gift Subscription
Lion's Mane Ground Coffee - 3 Month Gift Subscription
Lion's Mane Ground Coffee - 3 Month Gift Subscription
Lion's Mane Ground Coffee - 3 Month Gift Subscription
Lion's Mane Ground Coffee - 3 Month Gift Subscription
Lion's Mane Ground Coffee - 3 Month Gift Subscription

Lion's Mane Ground Coffee - 3 Month Gift Subscription

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Give the gift of health and longevity with our science-backed Lion's Mane blend.

Help sharpen the focus of your friend or loved one with this game-changing mushroom coffee mix. Zero mushroom flavour, just gorgeous taste notes of luxury chocolate.

Every month, they'll receive your gift of freshly roasted coffee - but each delivery is more than a bag of coffee; it's a pathway to improved mental clarity and productivity. 

+ Improves Cognition & Memory
+ Unlocks Deep Focus
+ Regenerates Brain Cells 

Select Bag Qty [Delivered Monthly]:1 Bag [15 cups]
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FREE Tracked Delivery

60 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Never run out of coffee again. Our freshly roasted coffee is shipped every 30 days for the duration of the subscription period you choose.

Taste Variety
Each month, we’ll send an exciting new smooth, rich chocolatey coffee to your friend or loved one, so their taste buds are always inspired.

Gift Flexibility
If your gift recipient discovers a new favourite flavour during their subscription, they can easily switch to another profile with just one click.

No Gift Prices Shown
No prices will be shown with the contents of the subscription to ensure it's a surprise.

Subscription Period
This purchase is a pre-paid gift and will end at the month you select. However, your lucky recipient has the option to extend their subscription if they choose.

Learn Coffee
To ensure your loved one enjoys the most delicious cup of coffee, we’ll include expert brewing guides.

You have the option to pre-select a future delivery date so that you can shop today and have it delivered on the a preferred date.

If you want to adjust a date you can reach out to us on chat or via email anytime

Orders are processed same day (Monday-Friday) and will arrive within 2 business days.

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We take our coffee seriously at Balance - Science-backed by the latest research & approved by nutritionists.

A single cup of Balance Coffee is an antioxidant powerhouse with more healthy compounds than kale, green tea and cacao.

Balance is also rigorously tested so we can ensure toxin free brews. That means, zero mould, mycotoxins or pesticides are used protecting the body from unwanted chemicals that can lead to longer term health issues.

Read our full research study here.

Brain-Boosting compounds

Improves Mental Clarity

15,000+ Healthier, Happy Customers

Community Reviews

The Dreaded 'Crash'

There is no denying that drinking regular coffee gets you on a caffeinated rollercoaster ride. The all familiar high followed by that almighty crash!

Jitters when you're up and a dip in focus when you're down.

All leading to brain fog affecting your daily productivity levels.

What happens after you drink our Lion's Mane coffee?

After Day 1

After your first coffee, you'll notice a cleaner, calmer, more sustained energy boost - helping you to find your flow state.

After Day 3

After three days, you'll have forgotten what 'the jitters' even felt like. Cognitive improvements and laser sharp focus.

After Day 7

After one week, you'll experience better sleep and your productivity will be through the roof.

Congratulations on taking back control of your coffee routine!

Balance vs Regular Coffee

  • Sharper Thinking
  • Zero Crashes
  • Brain Booster
  • Delicious taste
  • Brain fog
  • Coffee Crashes
  • Anxious jitters
  • Bland taste

Join 15,000+ happy customers who've switched to the healthy coffee movement

Roasted to Order

A date stamp so you can trust the freshness

Gifts with Sustainable Footprints

Plant Trees With Every Sip

So far, Balance customers have helped us to plant 700+ trees, helping to remove over 35 tons of CO2.

Questions? We got Answers.

Thankfully not. We've carefully taste tested hundreds of recipes to find the perfect product. All the benefits without any change in flavour.

Magic in many ways but not ‘magic mushrooms'. These are Lion's Mane mushrooms sourced for their natural benefits only.

Lions Mane coffee is one of the various mushrooms which have functional benefits.

We use organic fruiting body Lions Mane in our coffee with a dual extract to capture the full activity of this remarkable fungi.

We use a dual mushroom extract with a 20% ratio to coffee - this means you'll be reaping maximum health benefits from the healthy compounds. Ensure you read our how to brew guide carefully too.

Coffee Questions

This coffee is a perfectly roasted medium roast. Suitable for all brew methods and has beautiful notes of milk chocolate and nuts.

Yes. We only source healthy coffee. They are regularly tested at origin during the processing stages.

The farmers take pride in the picking and sorting process to ensure no bad beans are selected.

Yes. our coffee is fresher than fresh.

All bags are sealed with a heat seal immediately after we bag the coffee just 24-48h after roasting.

Due to our quality packaging and fast delivery, your coffee will arrive as fresh as the day it was roasted.

Balance coffee is absolutely fair trade (as every product should be).

While some of the coffee that we use may not always be “certified” organic, many of the coffee farms we buy from are in fact organic but cannot afford to pay for the certification.

In fact, we pay a higher price than most to help support farmers’ livelihoods whilst incentivising them to re-invest in order to create a more sustainable supply of coffee for the future.

We use Royal Mail to deliver coffee to your door.

Standard delivery is 48 hours and Express delivery within 24 hours.

Simply choose at checkout, then we'll send delivery confirmation via email.

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