So the French Press coffee ratio calculator, what can you do with it?

Today, use our French Press coffee to water ratio calculator for superior cafetiere coffee at home.

While adored by enthusiasts, only 8% of coffee drinkers choose the French press, dropping to 4% in the United States.

Despite lower popularity, the market value, projected by Cognitive Market Research, is expected to soar to $1,933,470,000 by 2029.

French Press coffee to water ratio calculator

Enter the French Press coffee to water ratio calculator to help you brew better cups.

French Press Ratio Calculator

French Press Coffee to Water Ratio Calculator


The French Press In One Go

The French press, or cafetière, is an elegant vessel, a glass container with a plunger and a metal mesh.

As you press down, the brew passes through the mesh, leaving behind the grounds and presenting you with a perfected drink.

Below is a visual representation of this machine in action.

Decoding the Ratio

At the core of the French Press machine lies the sacred ratio. Though the exact formula from its 1852 origins remains mysterious, we adhere to the golden rule of 1:15.

Imagine this – about 1.3 tablespoons of coffee per cup (U.S.) of water or roughly 7 grams of coffee per cup (UK), ensuring your journey begins with precision.

Customize Your Brew

This is where the magic happens. The French Press embraces individuality. Your ratio can sway between a robust 1:12 and a milder 1:18.

At the centre of this, you want to make sure your choice is guided by what taste and strength you prefer.

I must also add that getting the right coffee beans contributes to the process. So I wrote about the best coffee beans for cafetiere. It is very insightful and informative, so check it out.

How To Use The French Press Coffee To Water Ratio Calculator

When trying to use the Cafetiere coffee to water ratio calculator, here are the steps you should follow:

Step 1: Set the Number of Servings

Start by determining the number of cups of French press coffee you'd like to make.

Enter this value in the "Number of Servings" field. It's the foundation of your coffee adventure.

French Press Coffee Calculator

Step 2: Choose Your Strength

Slide the "Strength" bar to your preferred intensity. This step allows you to decide how strong or mild you want your coffee. Watch the label next to the bar change as you slide.

Step 3: Optional - Adjust the Coffee to Water Ratio

Feel adventurous? You can customize the coffee-to-water ratio to match your unique taste. If you're unsure, the default 1:15 ratio is a great place to start.

Step 4: Pick Coffee Measurement Units

Select your preferred units for measuring coffee – grams, cups, ounces, teaspoons, or tablespoons. This choice allows you to work with measurements that suit your comfort and the tools available.

Step 5: Choose Water Measurement Units

Similar to coffee, pick your preferred units for measuring water – grams, millilitres, litres, fluid ounces, cups, quarts, or pints. This step ensures you get the right balance.

Step 6: Review Your Calculations

Once you've set all your preferences, take a moment to review. Check the calculated amounts for both coffee and water. Ensure they align with your brewing needs and preferences.

Step 7: Brew with Confidence

Now that you've personalized your French press recipe, it's time to put the kettle on and start your brewing journey. Follow the calculated amounts, and get ready for a delightful cup of French press coffee tailored just for you.



You've successfully used the French Press Calculator to start a coffee experience that matches your taste preferences.

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