Choosing The Right Grind Size: For More Flavour ☕

Coffee Grinds: Why Size Really Does Matter

Have you ever wondered why your coffee doesn't taste quite as good as what you get from your favorite café?

One critical factor could be the grind size of your coffee beans. The type of grind you use directly influences your coffee's flavour by affecting the brew time or extraction time. Understanding this can dramatically improve your brewing results.

What Does Grind Size Mean?
Grind size means how fine or coarse your coffee beans are ground. This size affects how water flows through the coffee when you're brewing it, which in turn changes how your coffee tastes.

Here’s Why It Matters:

  • Finer Grinds: Are like powder. They slow down the water and take more time to brew, pulling out more flavour. This is great for quick methods like espresso.
  • Coarser Grinds: Are chunkier, letting water flow faster. They need more time to brew properly, which is perfect for methods like the French press.

How to Choose the Right Grind:

It's an in-depth topic in itself, so I'll give you the quick overview here, and if you decide you want to go deeper, you can read our full blog.

  • For Espresso: You’ll want it fine, almost like salt.
  • For Drip Coffee: Go for a medium grind, something like sand.
  • For French Press: Use a coarse grind, which should feel like breadcrumbs.

What Happens If You Get It Wrong?
Using the wrong grind size can make your coffee taste weak and watery or too bitter. It's all about finding that sweet spot where the coffee tastes just right.

Quick Tips:

  • A good grinder is a great investment; it lets you adjust until you find the perfect grind.
  • Experiment a little! Try adjusting the grind slightly and see how your coffee changes.

Want to learn more? Here's our in depth guide below.