Why Your Coffee Tastes Bad: The Crucial Role of Ratios ⚖️

Mastering the Coffee-to-Water Ratio

Struggling to replicate your local barista's coffee at home? The key likely lies in the coffee-to-water ratio.

The secret to a perfectly balanced cup of coffee is all about precision. The coffee-to-water proportion significantly affects your brew's flavour and how you percieve the taste of the coffee too.

Initially, measuring out your coffee and water might seem tedious, but it quickly becomes a simple habit. And the reward is worth it: coffee that rivals any café, right in your own kitchen.

Think of it like baking a cake 🍰 If you guess and pour in too much sugar, your cake will end up overly sweet. Coffee requires the same careful precision.

Invest in a digital kitchen scale and follow our recommended brew ratios to elevate your coffee game instantly. If you don't? The results will likely be weak or bitter coffee. Use this Complete Guide to improve your next brew.

The Magic Recipes:

It’s important to remember that each brewing method has its own unique recipe.

So to ensure you get the best results, you'll need to familiarise yourself with the instructions via our brewing guides.

For 1 Cup of Filter Coffee (Cafetière, Moka Pot, Aeropress, V60):

  • Coffee: 15g of medium or coarsely ground coffee.
  • Water: 250 grams/ml.

For a Double Espresso Shot:

  • Coffee: 18g of finely ground coffee.
  • Water: Extract 36g of espresso in the cup.

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