How to Enhance Your Coffees Flavour with Better Water 💧

Water's Surprising Effect on Coffee

Ever wondered how something as seemingly simple as water temperature can transform your coffee from ordinary to extraordinary?

Believe it or not, the secret to a perfect cup of coffee often lies in mastering the heat. Ideally, your brewing water should be between 90-96°C. This optimal range helps to unleash a rich symphony of flavours from your coffee grounds.

If the water's too cool? Your coffee may turn out sour and overly acidic. Too hot? You risk over-extracting, resulting in a bitter brew.

Here's a quick pro tip: After your kettle reaches boiling, let it sit for about 30 seconds before pouring. This brief pause can dramatically enhance the flavour of your coffee. A little patience goes a long way in achieving the perfect cup!

Sorry. Tap Water Ain't No Good 👎

Let's dive into some coffee science (don't worry, I'll keep it simple).Ever had a cup of coffee that tasted flat? The issue might be your water.

Considering water makes up 98% of your brew, its quality is crucial for that perfect cup. In places with hard water, like London, the minerals can prevent proper extraction from your coffee grounds, leaving your brew lacking in flavour.

The fix? Use filtered water. It’s softer and extracts coffee flavours better, enhancing the flavours and making every sip worth it. Want to learn more?

Check out our detailed 'Water for Coffee' blog or grab your filter upgrade below 👇