Mastering Coffee Storage: 3 Easy Steps ☕

Biggest Coffee Myth

A common myth about coffee storage suggests the fridge is a perfect spot. 

But in reality, it's more of a coffee crime scene! 

Your beloved beans can absorb fridge moisture, accelerating the ageing process and altering the coffee's essential properties. 

Imagine a fusion of coffee with, let's say, your leftover curry. 

Intriguing? Probably not 😅

Bag Vs Container?

Oxygen is the archenemy in our quest to preserve the freshness of coffee.

The secret to maintaining a fresh and flavourful brew lies in airtight storage.

With Balance Coffee, you gain an advantage right from the start. Our coffee bags come equipped with a resealable seal, meticulously designed to lock in optimal freshness.

Additionally, we roast our beans just before shipping, guaranteeing that each cup you pour is as fresh as possible.

For the ultimate freshness hack, consider using an airtight cereal jar to store your coffee, whether it's in bean or ground form.

To Grind or Not to Grind?

If you're serious about your morning coffee, switching to whole bean coffee can elevate your experience significantly.

Why? Because ground coffee, unfortunately, is more vulnerable to oxygen, which quickly diminishes its freshness and flavour.

Imagine it like a slice of bread left out on the counter. It soon begins to harden and lose its appealing texture and taste. Similarly, ground coffee undergoes the same degradation—though it's not as visible.

Whole beans, on the other hand, act as natural vaults, preserving the rich, delightful flavours until the moment you grind and brew them.

The result is a more complex, richer cup of coffee teeming with enticing aromas and flavours that will make you eager for that second cup