Coffee Bean Blends

Coffee Bean Blends

We've hand-picked a curated range of coffee bean blends FREE from mould, mycotoxins and pesticides just for you. These blends features the freshest Arabica coffee from various origins, rich in antioxidants that safeguard your health. Shop now and save £5.

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Try Balance Coffee today & join our happy customers who've switched to drinking a healthier coffee.

Coffee Bean Blends

We've established ourselves as one of the top speciality coffee brands in london, leading with over a decade of experience in the coffee industry.

Bringing an extensive range of healthy coffee products to the UK. Ready to start your healthy coffee journey?

What is Coffee Blend?

Coffee blends are a combination of beans from multiple origins, meticulously mixed to create a unique flavour profile. This blending process creates a harmonious balance of tastes and aromas, offering a consistent and versatile coffee experience.

The idea is to create a flavour that's just right, combining the best parts of each type of bean.

You can read our article on the best coffee blends in the UK if you are the type who loves to explore options.

But why blends?

Why Choose Coffee Blends?

Choosing coffee blends is like picking a team of superheroes. Each bean brings its superpower (flavour) to the team, making the blend stronger (tastier) together than any single origin coffee beans could be alone. 

It means you get to enjoy a cup of coffee that's not just good, but amazing because it has a little bit of everything.

If flavour is what you base your decision on, say no more, we have some of the best coffee beans in the UK.

So what selections do we strongly recommend to you?

Our Coffee Blend Selection

At Balance Coffee, we have some awesome speciality coffee blends for you. Again, they're safe from bad stuff like mould and pesticides.

 They're full of antioxidants and rich in vitamin B3 which keep you healthy. Plus, you get to save £5 when you buy now!

1. Stability Blend (£9.49) - This one tastes like milk chocolate, hazelnut, and fig. It's perfect if you like your coffee sweet and a bit nutty.

2. Lion's Mane Coffee (£19.99) - If you love smooth milk chocolate, this coffee is for you. It's a bit pricier, but it's really good for your brain and body.

3. Darkfire Energy (£11.49) - This blend is all about strong flavours like dark cocoa, raisin, and caramel. It's great if you're looking for something rich and exciting.

4. Level Up Blend (£10.99) - Imagine strawberries, cream, and chocolate in your coffee. That's what this blend brings. It's sweet, creamy, and just delicious.

We picked these blends because they taste amazing and are among the best healthiest coffee beans in the UK, today. 

And don't forget, you can save £5 if you shop now. So, why not try them and find your favourite?

But what about if you are trying to brew the perfect blends at home? 

The good news is we have something to that effect as well.

Brewing the Perfect Blend

Making the perfect cup of coffee blend is like baking a cake. You need the right ingredients (our coffee blends), fresh water, and a bit of know-how. 

Don't worry if you still need to become a coffee-making expert. We've got easy guides to help you make the best brew at home.

Please see our coffee brewing guides for more information. It is a treasure trove featuring all the popular brewing methods.

We Support Sustainable Practices

When you pick our coffee blends, you're also helping the planet and the people who grow the coffee. 

We make sure our coffee is grown in a way that's good for the Earth and that the farmers are treated well and paid fairly. It's a win-win for everyone!

You can find more details on our sustainable practice page because transparency is good for everyone.

Conclusion (A Great Cup Awaits)

So, why not start your coffee adventure with us? 

Our blends are a journey in every cup, taking you to different places with each sip. 

Whether you're new to coffee or a pro, there's always something new to learn. 

And with our coffee blend subscription, you'll never run out of new flavours to try.

You should visit our decaf coffee, organic coffee and espresso coffee page if these are strictly your preferences for choosing your brew.

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Specialty Coffee Questions.

The good news is yes! There are many studies available that demonstrate the positive impact of coffee on your health, particuarly when it comes to antioxidants which are disease fighting.

Read our blog to learn more about health benefits to coffee.

Balance coffee is absolutely fair trade (as every product should be).While some of the coffee that we use may not always be “certified” organic, many of the coffee farms we buy from are in fact organic but cannot afford to pay for the certification.In fact, we pay a higher price than most to help support farmers’ livelihoods whilst incentivising them to re-invest in order to create a more sustainable supply of coffee for the future.

At Balance, we’re fresher than fresh.

All Balance Coffees bags are sealed with a heat seal immediately after we bag the coffee just 24-48h after roasting.

Due to our quality packaging and fast delivery, your coffee will arrive as fresh as the day it was roasted.

At Balance Coffee we predominantly roast a medium profile for the majority of coffees apart from our single origins which are generally a touch lighter.

Professional Cuppers have described our coffee as “balanced, with a very clean flavour.

Our coffees all score above 80 points, which means the coffee you sip is not only 100% ethically sourced and sustainable, but also extremely rare – not everyone can get their hands on it.

Yes – they are regularly tested at origin during the processing process.

The farmers take pride in the picking and sorting process to ensure no bad beans are selected.

Yes! Balance Coffee Decaf is called Halcyon and it’s super tasty.

If you don’t know already speciality coffee beans are the way to go.

Ground coffee works well, but you’ll really taste the difference with wholebean coffee by grinding your coffee fresh using a coffee bean grinder.

If you’re into a milder taste or have a caffeine intolerance you’ll be happy to know there are many options available including specialty decaf coffee and lions mane mushroom coffee.

We source coffees from so many countries across the globe however, predominantly these coffees are sourced from the common coffee growing regions, otherwise known as the coffee belt.

Examples include Africa, Asia, South and Central America.

We have a great relationship with our farmers and co-ops, and are confident they meet all of our selection criteria for the highest quality green coffee beans.

Specialty coffee is the term used to describe the highest possible grade of coffee available.

Exceptional standards of sourcing, processing and brewing produces the most noticable results in terms of flavour.

The speciality coffee grading method is also known as the ‘’Brazilian Cupping Method’’. This means all coffee is graded on a scale of 0-100, 100 being the highest. And guess where specialty coffee lies on the scale?

Any coffee scoring a whopping point of 80 or above gets official classification.

Here's a more detailed definition and guide to specialty grade coffee.

The distinction between the two terms are quite significant.

Commodity coffee is grown for mass production and uses harmful chemicals like pesticides to increase production capacity. Studies show this to be harmful for human consumption.

Organic coffee and speciality grade remain the safest coffee grades for your health.

Currently we are only shipping within the UK & Ireland.

We hope to soon expand internationally.

We use Royal Mail to deliver coffee to your door.

Standard delivery is 48 hours and Express delivery within 24 hours.

Delivery details will be provided in your confirmation email.