We're celebrating Balance Coffee's first birthday! - Balance Coffee


We’re celebrating Balance Coffee’s first birthday!

We’re celebrating Balance Coffee’s first birthday!

Today is an incredibly exciting day – we’re celebrating Balance Coffee’s first birthday! We opened our virtual doors in April 2020, and in the year since we’ve brought delicious speciality coffee to people across the UK.

In celebration of Balance Coffee’s first birthday, we talked to our founder James all about the first year of Balance Coffee, and how this first year has been affected by Covid 19.

  1. How has Balance Coffee’s first year been?

Where do I begin….setting up a business in the middle of a pandemic definitely wasn’t in the plan, so I still have to pinch myself to realise I own my own business. Like most startups it has been a whirlwind of crazy highs and lows. Overall, we are so happy and proud of the brand we’re building and it’s really all about our goal of supplying our customers with some of the best speciality coffee in the UK.

2. What are you most proud of achieving in this first year?

There have been a number incredibly proud moments but our recent press with Chelsea FC has to be the most jaw dropping moment after growing up practically living in a Chelsea kit.

Balance Coffee in the Proud of London campaign

Balance Coffee in the Proud of London campaign

3. Balance started in the first lockdown in 2020. Has this affected the company at all? Do you have any big plans for Balance when the world goes back to normal?

It’s a hard one to predict but coffee consumption at home has without doubt gone up since Covid first sent us into lockdown. There are a lot of people now making café quality coffee at home and I don’t think that’s about to change. This mean there are more consumers looking for some of the best coffee beans in the UK and at Balance we want to people to move away from instant and pods to enjoy our freshly roasted coffee.

4. We’ve tried a lot of coffees and coffee recipes in this first year. What have been your favourites? Have there been any surprises?

One of the perks of my job is ‘experimenting’ and tasting delicious coffee cocktails! My favourite has to be the espresso martini recipe with a twist of baileys. It’s packed full of creamy chocolate and coffee.

delicious espresso martini recipe

Espresso martini recipe

5. How have you enjoyed working with other independent British brands? What has collaborating been like, especially with Balance also featuring on your other business, Eating in London?

Teaming up with some amazing brands across the industry who are generally in similar startup mode has been a really rewarding part of building Balance Coffee. Sharing knowledge, exchanging ideas and recipes helps to keep you motivated so I’m very excited at the prospect of collaborating with more brands across the industry. One of my favourites was linking up with my friend at Blendsmiths when we did a Q&A on caffeine.

It has also been great to add Balance Coffee to Eating In London, which is a new food and drink platform that I’m running.

6. What has been the biggest thing that you’ve personally learned from Balance’s first year?

This one is easy for me to answer: patience! I can be impatient at times so understanding and appreciating that great things take time has been the biggest takeaway. There have been some hard and fast lessons too. Which I guess is all part of the process of sailing your own ship.

7. Do you have any immediate plans for Balance Coffee?

Yes! The next time you get a bag of Balance Coffee, you might notice something a bit different… our packaging is now 100% recyclable! Every part can be completely recycled at home, including the valve and zipper.

As you may already know, sustainability is a huge part of our mission at Balance Coffee. So when we had the opportunity to switch to recyclable packaging, it was a no-brainer! It has all the qualities of our last packaging (including a one-way air valve and our gorgeous branding), but it’s now good for the planet, too.

This means by the time we celebrated Balance Coffee’s first birthday we have helped to:

Plant  trees with Ecologi 🌱

Donate  to Project Waterfall charity 💧

Source  ethically-produced coffee 🧑‍🌾

And now use recyclable packaging! ♻️

Balance Coffee's new sustainable packaging

Balance Coffee’s new sustainable packaging

8. Any bigger goals and plans throughout 2021/2022?

Absolutely. We want to really focus on improving our website and product experience throughout 2021 so we’ll be looking upgrading our website pages throughout the course of this year. We also want to enhance our coffee education piece so will be looking at new ways to provide better education via our Balance Barista School. There will be loads of video tips and tutorials!

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