The best coffee gifts for coffee lovers this Valentine’s Day

The best coffee gifts for coffee lovers this Valentine’s Day

Although you can’t go out for a great coffee experience for Valentine’s this year, you can bring a coffee shop level experience to your home! Treat your loved one with one of the best coffee gifts for coffee lovers this Valentine’s day.

Option 1: taster packs

One way to really treat the coffee lover in your life is with some top-quality speciality coffee. If you know their taste really well, you could simply purchase a bag or two of our fantastic coffee beans. But if you really want to get a gift that will impress, you could also buy one of our taster packs!

We have two taster packs available: The first has three coffees that are perfect for making espresso or espresso-based drinks (such as a latte or flat white), and the other has three different coffees that are designed to work well in filter coffees (e.g. coffees made with a Hario V60). Both contain delicious beans that make a perfect introduction to the world of speciality-grade coffee.

Option two: a new brew method

But coffee isn’t just about the beans alone – you could really make your loved one’s day by revolutionising the way that they make their morning cup. We have two amazing options to choose from: the Aeropress and the Hario V60.


Both of these brewing methods are convenient, easy to use, and contain everything your loved one will need to get started making delicious coffee. The Aeropress will suit anyone looking for a fantastic fast cup of coffee (it takes between 45-80 seconds!) that is full-bodied and clean. A cup of coffee made in a V60 is very clean, low in body and extremely tasty. It allows for all the subtleties of the coffee to be beautifully expressed in a way that many other brewing methods just can’t replicate.

Your loved one will remember this thoughtful gift every time they brew themselves a coffee. (And if you want to know more, head to our blog posts that explain why both these methods are so great.)

Option three: Sage espresso machines

On the subject of making coffee, we also have a range of Sage espresso machines that would be the ultimate Valentine’s day present.


Sage espresso machines are amazing for any level of home barista – if you’re just starting out there’s the Bambino Plus, and if you’re a high-level latte artist there’s the Sage Dual Boiler. With the help of any of the Sage espresso machines, you’ll turn the kitchen into your favourite new coffee spot. When paired with one of our coffee subscriptions, you honestly could not do better this Valentine’s day.

Not sure which Sage machine to invest in? Never fear – we’ve got another blog post that will help you figure out which machine is the best for you and your lifestyle.

Option four: accessories

Already got a beautiful espresso machine at home? Why not pimp it out a bit with some gorgeous Pesado accessories? This Australian manufacturer makes the most fabulous portafilters and tampers. Not only are they adorned with luxurious accents of gold, bronze and natural wood, they are also specifically designed to help you make a perfect coffee, every time. (For example, the Pesado 58.5 tamper’s edges are super sharp which maximises the effective tamping area, improves consistency, extraction and ultimately coffee flavour.)

Trust us when we say that Pesado accessories are one of the secrets to coffee success!

Option five: gift cards/subscriptions

Finally, if in doubt, you can’t go wrong with a gift card or a gift subscription. With a gift card, your loved one will be able to pick out the coffee that they think they’ll enjoy the most, and with a coffee subscription, we’ll send a unique and rare coffee origin to your loved one every month. Just select how many cups you think they’ll drink each month and we’ll do the rest!

This is such a great option, because we’ll send the other on autopilot every month straight to their door. The price includes delivery, and gift subscriptions don’t include any price information. You’ll be giving them the ultimate gift – never running out of coffee again. In our opinion, that’s priceless!


If you’d like any recommendations for what else we think are the best coffee gifts for coffee lovers this Valentine’s day, head to our Instagram – we’ll be happy to help!

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