The 10 types of speciality coffee to try before you die

The 10 types of speciality coffee to try before you die

There are so many amazing types of coffee – from different coffee drinks to thousands of coffee blends – that it’s almost impossible to know what types are actually worth trying. Well, we’re here to help you out! Here are our top ten types of speciality coffee to try before you die.

One: Single origin

First of all, one of the best ways to experience truly delicious speciality coffee is with single origin coffee beans. We’ve written a whole blog post explaining the difference between single origin coffee and coffee blends, but basically put, single origin beans showcase the best that a certain region or farm have to offer. Drinking single origin coffee allows you to explore the true nuanced flavours found in coffee, from fudge to citrus to butterscotch. If you haven’t tried some, then you’re in for a treat.

You can see what single origin beans we currently have in stock here!

Two: Types of espresso

Did you know that there are different types of espresso? Lungo and ristretto are different ways of pulling a shot of coffee – and they can transform any espresso-based drink. A lungo is when you pull a shot longer than normal. This gives the espresso a darker flavour that has a more concentrated strength. Ristretto is the opposite – you cut the shot of espresso early, which gives a bright and acidic flavour and a less concentrated shot.

You can use these different types of espresso to make all sorts of drinks. A lungo shot is great in an Americano, especially if you’re looking for an even bigger caffeine boost. And a ristretto shot is fabulous in drinks like a mocha, as it adds a bright and floral note. You’ll be amazed how simply playing with espresso can transform your coffee experience. If you’d like even more of an explanation about lungo and ristretto, we’d recommend heading here!

Three: Pour over coffee

Next we want to talk about one of the ways that you can brew speciality coffee. In our opinion, pour over brewing methods such as the Hario V60 or the chemex will change the game when it comes to your morning brew.

This is because pour over methods create a very clean, low bodied and tasty coffee! They allow all the subtleties of the coffee to be beautifully expressed in a way that other brewing methods just can’t replicate. Furthermore, unlike methods such as the cafetiere, the V60 and chemex reduce the amount of sediment in your cup – always a plus!

coffee beans london - speciality coffee to try before you die

You’ve got to try the Hario V60!

Trust us – there’s a reason why we included this method in a list of speciality coffee to try before you die. You can read our posts about brewing with a Hario V60 or a chemex if you want to learn more. And we sell Hario brew kits, too!

Four: Espresso tonic

We also wanted to include a couple of ways to use speciality coffee in this list. Sometimes it’s easy to just think of coffee in terms of lattes and cappuccinos, but we think that it so much more versatile than that. Nowhere is that more obvious than in an espresso tonic!

The simple recipe involves:

  • 2 shots (50–60 ml) of espresso
  • 150 ml tonic water
  • 1 lime wedge
  • Ice
  1. Prepare a double espresso and leave to cool.
  2. Fill up a glass (200 ml) with ice.
  3. Squeeze the lime juice on top of the ice.
  4. Pour in the tonic water and gently pour in the slightly cooled double espresso.
espresso tonic -

The espresso tonic is a speciality coffee you need to try before you die

Five: Freshly ground

Our number next type of speciality coffee to try before you die is freshly ground coffee. By this, we mean coffee that you have ground yourself just seconds before using. While pre-ground coffee can be good (especially if it is freshly roasted), by grinding the beans yourself you are ensuring that the coffee is as fresh and delicious as possible.

All of our coffees are available as whole beans. Just get yourself a good grinder, and you’re on your way to coffee perfection!

Six: Honey-processed coffee

Processing is another area that is sadly overlooked when it comes to coffee. The three main types are washed, natural, and honey processing. Our favourite has to be honey-processed, and here’s why!

Honey-processed coffees don’t actually involve honey – the name actually comes from the stickiness of the beans when they’re processed! It also literally tastes like someone has put honey and brown sugar in your cup. It’s lovely and fruity, but the added flavour isn’t exaggerated like it can be with washed coffee.

You can check our store to see if we have any honey-processed coffee available.

Seven: Decaf coffee

This sounds a bit strange, but we also recommend trying speciality decaf coffee. Stick with us! High quality decaf coffee is absolutely delicious – so delicious that you would never know that it was decaf at all! Our Green & Black decaf coffee is a great place to start. It’s a perfect way to enjoy a flavourful cup of coffee without worrying about getting the jitters or not being able to sleep.

Rotate Espresso Coffee Beans - speciality coffee to try before you die

Our decaf speciality coffee is a must-try!


Eight: New coffee regions

There are some regions of the world that are known for their delicious coffee. But there are some more up-and-coming regions that we think are absolutely worth a try! For example, we’ve previously tried a coffee grown in China – a region of the world that is definitely more well-known for their tea. By experimenting with coffees from different parts of the world, you’ll have access to all sorts of delicious flavours that you’ve never had in coffee before.

Nine: Filtered water

So this isn’t exactly a type of speciality coffee, but this is one of our top tips for brewing an excellent coffee that we think you need to try. It sounds simple, but we promise that it will make a huge difference to top-quality coffee. And that tip is to brew your coffee using filtered water.

This is because water isn’t pure H20. It actually contains a variety of salts, minerals, and impurities which all have an affect on the flavour and extraction capabilities of the water – in both positive and negative ways. You can take control of these if you use filtered water, as you won’t be dealing with the unpredictability of tap water. (Head here for our full post about the importance of filtered water.)

Ten: Subscription coffee

This might be a bit cheeky, but we had to round off this list of types of speciality coffee to try before you die with a shout-out to our own coffee subscription service. With our subscription, you’ll never have to worry about running out of coffee again! Plus you’ll be able to try all of our delicious single origin coffees and coffee blends right in the comfort of your home.

It’s a win-win!

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