The 10 Best Coffee Shops near London Bridge

The 10 Best Coffee Shops near London Bridge

As London starts to open up again, so will some of our favourite coffee shops! We decided to create a series of lists celebrating some of our favourite cafes and coffee houses – starting off with the 10 best coffee shops near London Bridge.

Chapter 72, Bermondsey Street

Chapter 72 -

Our list is starting off strong with Chapter 72, which can be found right in the heart of Bermondsey Street. Owned and run by husband and wife team Rod & Ellie, Chapter 72 Coffee and Cocktail shop was born out of a passion for great coffee and delicious cocktails in an all day and evening relaxed setting.

We especially love their selection of coffee cocktails – they’ve got a whole espresso martini collection! Their espresso martini master class is also fabulous. In this hour long class, you learn the history of the espresso martini and how to make one, plus you’ll make one other cocktail!

Change Please, Borough Market

Change please - best coffee shops london bridge

Change Please is all about changing people’s lives, one cup of coffee at a time. 100% of the profits of their award-winning coffee goes towards ending homelessness. It is used to provide training, employment paying the Living Wage and support with housing, finances and therapy to help people experiencing homelessness move forward and train to be baristas.

In the words of one of their brilliant Change Please trainees, Liam: “I feel part of a movement, part of a change in society. Everyone is part of a bigger thing. I am not just someone who makes the coffee, we are Change Please.”

WatchHouse, Bermondsey Street

Watch House -

This independent coffee house was inspired by the the watch house on Bermondsey Street. Historically a shelter for men guarding the graveyard of St Mary Magdalen’s Church, today they honour its former role by providing a contemporary sanctuary to customers.

This octagonal building might look small from the outside, but inside they have created a light and airy space which is filled with a fabulous array of single origin coffees, which are all ethically sourced. WatchHouse serves thoroughly modern coffee whilst still paying homage to London’s rich history!

The Gentlemen Baristas, Park Street

Gentlemen Baristas - best coffee shops london bridge

Another coffee house that is looking to London’s past is The Gentlemen Baristas. Since 1698, when the London coffee house cemented itself as the quintessential melting pot of political, philosophical and creative debate, independent businesses, have competed to serve the best cup of coffee. And when the The Gentlemen Baristas opened in 2014, they wanted to reinvent these age-old traditions of serving a superb cup of coffee in creative and inspiring surroundings whilst also providing a meeting point and thinking space for London’s modern day visionaries.

Well, they’ve definitely done that! Their ‘well mannered coffee’ is extremely high quality, and all of their shops are beautifully decorated with dark wood and barstools. The Gentlemen Baristas are definitely some of the best coffee shops near London Bridge.

Lantana Cafe, Southwark Street

Lantana Cafe -

A pioneer of Australian-run modern cafes, Lantana Cafe is another great option if you’re in the London Bridge area. We’d thoroughly encourage you to stop here for great coffee and a fabulous brunch inspired by Australia’s multicultural cuisine. We recommend their single origin filter coffee or their cold drip coffee.

The name Lantana comes from a flowering plant that was transported from South America to Australia by immigrants. Because of its hardy, tenacious nature, it took hold, becoming an iconic Australian plant. It is a weed of national significance and an great metaphor for their Australian-inspired cafes.

Monmouth Coffee Company, Park Street

Monmouth Coffee - best coffee shops london bridge

Coffee is king at Monmouth Coffee Company! They source single origin coffees from small coffee farms and are committed to sustainable and fair trade. You can really taste the quality when you visit any of their coffee shops. If you visit, we recommend trying a flat white. It has a good depth of flavor and richness!

The shops themselves are no-nonsense with a large communal table and no unnecessary frills. It’s a great option if you’re looking for a cafe that prizes high-quality coffee and friendly, knowledgeable baristas.

Three Wheels Coffee, London Bridge Street

Three Wheels Coffee -

Three Wheels Coffee is a coffee shop that celebrates that long-established relationship between coffee and bicycles. After travelling throughout South America and discovering a love for coffee, founder Rory bought a tricycle and decided to hitch a professional espresso machine to it! He toured around London with this three wheeled wonder until he finally established coffee shops on London Bridge and in The Shard Arcade.

All of their coffee is sourced from South America to celebrate Rory’s experiences there, and are ethically sourced, fair-trade and organically certified. They can also be hired for events to create delicious coffee cocktails including black Russians and espresso martinis!

Black Sheep Coffee, Southwark Street

Black Sheep Coffee - best coffee shops london bridge

Founded by Eirik and Gabriel, Black Sheep Coffee is a small independent chain that can be found across London and Manchester. They’re very interesting because they sell a range of speciality-grade coffee beans, including the world’s first 100% specialty grade Robusta coffee.

While you’re in the area, you should definitely try their signature drink! The black hoof is made of espresso, organic coconut oil, cinnamon, milk and micro foam for long, sustained energy release. Pair it with one of their delicious Norwegian waffles and you’ll be in for a great time.

Crol & Co, Newcomen Street

Crol & C0 -

During the search for storage in the area for their antiques business, founders Vanessa and Nico stumbled across an old neglected betting shop in Bermondsey that was full of authentic Victorian features. They decided to turn this beautiful space into Crol & Co, a shop that could celebrate their love for antiques and coffee.

Inside, you’ll find a cosy place to dine on their fabulous coffee and pastries. And in the evening, Crol & Co transforms into a small bar, where you can order cocktails, wine and beer.

Roasting Plant Coffee, Borough High Street

Roasting Plant Coffee - best coffee shops london bridge

Rounding off our list is Roasting Plant Coffee. This is an especially exciting coffee shop because of their innovative dedication to super fresh coffee. They developed the Javabot, an immersive roastery-cafe experience where you can choose any just-roasted bean and they’ll grind and make your coffee to order. You can actually make your own custom blend by picking up to four coffee varieties!

This is a fabulous coffee shop to visit, because the Javabot displays the freshly roasted coffee in clear columns. You can see the coffee beans whooshing around the shop via bursts of air in the tubes. It’s a wonderful sight!

Will you be visiting any of these coffee shops near London Bridge? Let us know! And if you’d like to know 10 of the coolest coffee shops in the UK, head here!

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