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Speciality Coffee

A carefully selected range of speciality coffees bursting with unique flavour characteristics, sourced from popular coffee growing regions from across the globe.

Are you ready to select your new favourite bag of freshly roasted coffee today? We’ll deliver to your door with our fast UK wide delivery service.

If you’re looking for the best coffee beans in the UK, then sit back, grab your favourite mug and enjoy your next sip.

The term ‘Speciality’ uses is a coffee grading system that works on a point score.

We wrote an in depth guide to speciality coffee so you can learn all about the world of high grade coffee.

Our team loves speciality coffee so much that we decided to write an article on the 10 Types of Speciality Coffee to try before you die.

Arabica Coffee VS Robusta Coffee

Coffee can sometimes we confusing as hell. What’s Arabica coffee? What’s Robusta? What’s best and what should you be drinking?

Fortunately, we’ve put together a beginners guide to understanding the difference between Arabica vs Robusta.

Light Roast and Dark Roasted Coffee

What is light roast coffee? Is it better than dark, is it as strong?

If you’re not certain on what type of coffee you like then our blog post will explain everything you need to know about light roast and dark roasted coffee

Coffee Beans

Searching for the best coffee beans in the UK is no easy task, we know!

With so many options available in 2022, you need to find the coffee beans that suit your taste preferences.

Your taste buds don’t lie, so that’s a great starting point. However, coffee can be a complicated process to perfecting the ultimate brew so there are some additional considerations.

For example, how you brew coffee with your home coffee maker and what water for coffee you decide to use.

If you’ve never considered what beans you are purchasing and how that might improve or hinder your coffee experience at home, then it’s time to learn more.

Sit back, grab a coffee and read our definitive guide to choosing the right coffee beans for you.

On the other hand, you might be cutting down on your caffeine intake and looking for delicious coffee that’s caffeine-free?

Our popular decaf coffee is available in beans or ground and is rated 5 stars. Read our reviews now and grab yourself a bag from your favourite new online coffee shop (that’s us).

Ground Coffee

Finding the best ground coffee online can be a minefield too.

Luckily, at Balance, we roast our coffees to perfection, taste testing every single coffee blend and single origin coffee to bring you a sensational flavour experience at home.

What’s even better? Every single coffee we roast and supply is available as pre-ground coffee. Simply select your grind type on any coffee product to get started.

Want to know more? We made an in-depth guide on the best ground coffee.

Healthy Coffee

The biggest question you probably have about drinking coffee is, is coffee good for you?

We’re here to debunk the negative myths and provide you with credible sources around how coffee is actually good for you, providing you choose the right coffee roasters and the best coffee beans in the UK.

Staying healthy is all about managing your mental and physical wellbeing too. We interviewed Yulia head of Karve Club a Pilates studio in London on the topic of
coffee and mindfulness. 

Managing your caffeine intake is of course hugely important too when considering your health in coffee.

Explore our blog that discusses managing caffeine in depth. We wrote another useful article on how to stop the caffeine crashes in coffee. 

Drinking organic coffee is one of the best ways that you can ensure the coffee you are putting into your body is certified as healthy.

Commodity coffee by contrast is a poor choice since they do not test for mould, mycotoxins and pesticides.

At Balance we throughly test to ensure you’re drinking a naturally clean cup of high grade coffee that has your health and the planet in mind.

if you’re looking for 5 benefits to drinking coffee then you just found them.

How can you trust our coffee is healthy? Clementine Rose, a qualified nutritionist certifies that Balance is as healthy as you can get.

Stock up on your new coffee subscription today.

How to Make Coffee

Making great coffee in the comfort of your own home has never been so important.

With the work from home culture rising post pandemic, it’s so important to upgrade your coffee setup and learn how to make the best coffee you can at home.

Here are our popular coffee brew guides so you can learn from our Founder and coffee expert James Bellis.

Coffee Brew Guides

There is no shame in drinking coffee for Cafetiere or otherwise known as, the French Press.

It’s a classic brewing device that was first invented back in 1923 which demonstrates that it stands the test of time in a world full of innovation. The Cafetiere uses immersion brewing technique to allow the coffee grounds to extract from the coffee over time before serving.

The Moka Pot was invented shortly after in 1933 by an Italian inventor and then popularised in Italian culture. This methods provides the closest experience to an espresso without using a machine.

This is because upward force is applied during the extraction process, providing a more rich and robust drink.

The espresso machine is one of the best mechanical inventions created within the nineteenth century. The rich, caffeine fuelled crema produced from the power of 9 bars of pressure, applied to finely ground espresso results in a truly wonderful coffee experience.

Pair this with silky milk or an oat alternative to enjoy a gorgeous, well balanced cup.

The rise of home espresso machines have provided you with the luxury of cafe standard coffee cutting out the role of the barista and reducing the cost to enjoy organic, speciality coffee at home.

Other filter coffee methods are also available at more affordable prices. For example, the V60 Brewer is a staple coffee brewer which uses the drip coffee method.

The Aerobie Aeropress coffee maker is a hugely popular coffee brewing device since it not only makes incredible coffee, it’s lightweight, portable and easy to clean.

Similar to the V60 but on a larger scale the Chemex coffee vessel is perfect for those obsessed with perfecting filter coffee. Why? 

The Chemex filter papers are thicker than normal, meaning more coffee oils are trapped inside the paper during coffee extraction, which results in a cleaner cup.

Ideal if you’re looking to pick up the subtle nuances associated with single origin coffees.

Making the perfect cup doesn’t stop at the brewing. Grinding your coffee beans fresh is a sure fire way to produce the best quality you can at home. Why?

When coffee connects with oxygen in the atmosphere, it begins to deteriorate ground coffee at a rapid rate. This has a hugely negatively impact on the flavour produced which is why we always recommend grinding coffee fresh.

There’s an art to this however, which is why we produced a guide on how to grind coffee so you can make coffee like a pro.

So you probably love sipping on a flat white every morning but you’re on a budget and can’t afford a milk frother yet?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Learn how to froth milk in a Cafetiere and you’ll be producing silky, gorgeous foam perfect for pouring your morning coffee.

Coffee Recipe Guides

We all love an espresso martini don’t we? Thankfully our expert Founder James put together one of the best Espresso Martin recipes on the internet. It features a classic and one with a twist so be sure to check it out.

Can’t handle the caffeine or simply looking to cut down late at night? Our Decaf Espresso Martini recipe will walk you through the best way to make that kick-ass drink you crave without the jitters.

Sometimes, you’re craving a mug full of chocolate with a quick energy boost. You’ll need to try our famous Mocha Coffee Milkshake, for that sumptuous coffee treat.

Our coffee recipe list is extensive, which is why we’re sharing our Tik Tok famous Dalgona Whipped Coffee so you can turn up the caffeine hit.

Fancy an after dinner coffee dessert? You can’t go wrong with a classic Affogato Recipe. However, there’s one vital ingredient that can kill or transform this popular recipe. The coffee – make sure it’s top notch.

Let’s get on to our favourite food and coffee recipes now shall we? We have a huge coffee blog full of useful recipe content and here’s just a few to share with you today.

Ready to get your baking mood on? Why not try our coffee and walnut cake recipe. One of our customers made it and sent us an email saying it was incredible so we think you’ll love it too.

Ready for a very unique recipe that involves toast, a knife and some gorgeous butter made of espresso? That’s right, we’ve got a beautiful espresso cashew butter recipe made by @servedinlondon.

Coffee butter a bit too freaky for your taste buds? Perhaps you’re looking for a sweet, creamy beverage that leaves you wanting more.

James our founder, created an insanely good banana coffee milkshake recipe that is so good, it might end up being your new best loved coffee drink that you can’t live without.

Now we’re onto coffee and alcohol. When having a celebration or a busy week, you might find yourself craving something with a bit of punch. As luck would have it, we have the perfect Irish coffee recipe that’ll not just impress your taste buds, it’ll impress your mates too.

We can’t talk about our favourite coffee drinks without sharing our 20 best coffee recipes  that’ll delight the senses.

Sustainable Coffee

There is so much noise on the subject of sustainability these days, and rightly so. With our planet in serious danger, more companies need to drive smarter initiatives that give back and offer sustainable solutions for our future.

There are many ways to do your part as a company and as a consumer of products. It’s a vast topic though, so we thought we’d do our bit and help explain the question, what is sustainable coffee?

There are so many ways that you can choose to be sustainable by the coffee you decide to drink and where you buy it from. Firstly, a simple action is to begin recycling coffee grounds at home which can make a huge difference. Plants love the spent grounds.

Additional ways of operating sustainably include buying ethical coffee from recognised reputable suppliers.

There’s tonnes of information to consider when looking for the right coffee roaster to buy from. We thought we’d share all of our insight by putting together an expert guide to buying ethical coffee to be more conscious about the environment.

Storing Coffee

One of the biggest questions we get asked, is how do you actually store coffee? There are common myth’s such as ‘leave your coffee in the fridge’ which are not correct.

The best way to store coffee at home is in a sealed bag or a airtight jar. Here’s more information on storing coffee.

Coffee Origins

There are around seventy countries across the world that grow and produce coffee. Very specific growing conditions are required for particular bean varieties to harvest.

These coffee origins provide over 160 million bags of coffee globally every single year which is a staggering sum.

Fortunately, when looking for coffee online, you can discover your favourites by learning more about which coffee origins suits your preferences.

Each country and region has its own unique flavour that are characterised by soil conditions and altitude in which the coffee is grown.

Whether you’re looking for a coffee from Brazil, Ethiopia, Colombia, you’ll be sure to find your favourite coffee beans online.

Coffee Roasting

So what the heck is coffee roasting and does it even make a difference to the flavour of your coffee?

The answer is yes, it’s a hugely important part of the coffee making process.

Although, luckily you don’t need to worry about it as that’s all down to our method of carefully selecting the green beans from different origins and regions across the world, blending them and then adding them into our coffee roaster ready for cooking.

Once they’ve come out, they’ll be cooled quickly and will be left to de-gas for 24 hours before adding to your coffee bag. From here it’ll be ready to be shipped to your UK wide house or office location.

Green Coffee Beans

Did you know? Before coffee beans end up in your cup, they are ground fresh before use and even roasted in a coffee roasting machine before being added to the bag they are transported in.

So what’s even crazier than that? Coffee beans in their original form are actually green beans that are found inside coffee cherry’s that form on plants across many coffee growing regions across the world.

Coffee Gifts

If your loved one, relative or friend has a birthday coming up and you’d love to surprise them with a freshly roasted bag of healthy coffee then look no further.

We have a range of amazing coffee gifts that’ll be the gift that keeps on giving as the aroma of beautifully roasted coffee spreads around their kitchen in the morning.

You might be interested in a 3 month of coffee subscription or even a 6 month subscription.

Balance Coffee Fast Delivery

At Balance coffee roasters we deliver our coffee UK wide including Ireland and the channel islands. This means that if you place an order before 12 mid day we’ll ship the same day and you’ll receive your coffee within 48 hours.

Sometimes Royal Mail operate quickly within 24 hours but it’s best to order a few days in advance to make sure you don’t run out of coffee.

Office Coffee

Looking to stock up on coffee for your office? Thank goodness you’ve come to the right place. Really?

Yes, we offer discounted rates on office coffee when larger volumes are ordered. Simply drop us a line via our email and we’ll find out some more information about your requirements.

Want to learn about the benefits of keeping your work force stocked up with coffee? We wrote a guide to enjoying the best office coffee. 

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