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Here you’ll find coffee recipes, video guides and tips to help you brew coffee easily at home.

Coffee Recipes

  • 30g ground coffee – Ground really course
  • 500ml filtered water
  • Pour hot water on your coffee and let it sit for 4min. Then after 4 mins passed take two tablespoons and stir the coffee. The coffee crust that has formed on the top will start to fall to the bottom. Using the two tablespoons just scoop out whatever is left on the top and put it in the bin.
  • For best results, let it brew for a further 5 min so the coffee cools slightly whilst the remaining coffee sediment settles on the bottom. Put in your plunger, but only press it halfway. Be gentle when pouring as you don’t want to stir up the grounds that have sunk to the bottom. This will give you a much cleaner tasting coffee without any grounds floating around your cup.
  • Prepare by ensuring you have clean equipment. If you haven’t already, flush your group head to remove old coffee grounds and wipe clean your basket.
  • Next, measure the coffee you are adding to the basket either by spoon or scales and evenly distribute the grounds inside your machines portafilter (alternatively known as basket).
  • Ensure you tamp firmly and flat so the coffee flows evenly (this really effects flavour).
  • Aim for a 1:2 or 50% brew ratio and use weighing scales for best results. For example, 18grams of coffee in the basket and 36grams in the cup is the perfect espresso recipe.
  • Serve quickly and enjoy!
  • 22G of ground coffee
  • 380ML of filtered water.
  • Rinse your filter with hot water. This will get rid of papery flavour and will pre-heat your brewing gear. Discard the water before brewing.
  • Add your ground coffee.
  • Pre – infuse coffee before brewing by pouring 68ml of water then give it a stir and leave it until 45s. Then more water until you reach 220ml, give it a swirl and then add the rest of the water. Brewing should take approximately 3- 3 1/2 mins.
  • 16.5g of ground coffee – Grind finer than V60
  • 240-250ml of filtered water
  • Brew time 1min
  • Extraction 30s
  • Rinse your filter with hot water. This will get rid of papery flavour and will pre-heat your brewing gear. Discard the water before brewing.
  • Put your coffee into the Aeropress. Pour all the water straight in and give it a good stir to make sure all coffee grounds are soaked.  Put the cap on and wait for 1min. Your brewing time starts as soon as water hits the coffee grounds. After 1min flip your AeroPress into your container/cup and press it down for 30 sec until it’s empty and enjoy!
  • 42g of ground coffee
  • 750ml of filtered water
  • Rinse your filter with hot water. This will get rid of papery flavour and will pre-heat your brewing gear. Discard the water before brewing.
  • Pre-infuse your coffee by pouring 84g of water for 40s.
  • Then pour the rest of the water in a slow circular movement, try not to hold your kettle too high. When you finish swirl your brewer, this will even out the coffee bed and give you a better extraction.


If we are talking freshly roasted beans, then we recommend using within 3 months from the coffees roast date. With ground coffee, you begin to lose quality immediately as it has a bigger surface area and the coffee particles (grounds) are exposed to air much faster!

The answer to this question is all down to your personal preference as flavour is completely subjective to each individual.

Coffee blends typically use two to three varying beans from different origins within the one coffee bag. If you are making milk based drinks with an espresso machine, such as lattes, flat whites and cappuccino’s then this might be a good choice as they are designed to taste great with milk.

On the other hand, single origin coffees are extremely unique and exotic as they use the single bean from its original origin such as, a country like Ethiopia. The reason why coffee enthusiasts and professionals tend to buy more single origin coffees is because these coffees highlight the unique and individual flavour characteristics of a given country and region, just like wine.

Be mindful when choosing coffees, that some single origin coffees can get lost if you are serving them with milk.

Ideally, use fresh whole beans rather than ground. You’ll need to invest in a grinder but take it from us, it’s so worth it. Grind only what you need at one time. Then, follow our coffee recipes and video brew guides for specific instructions on each individual brew method. Ultimately, choose the method you enjoy making whether it’s slow and relaxing or a faster method on if you’re on the go!

Our first recommendation is to buy freshly roasted whole beans. Ditch supermarket coffee as it’s typically not as fresh as it passes through the supply chain. Grind only what you need each time you brew coffee.  Keep your coffee sealed in your bag or store in a cool and dry place. An airtight container works a treat!  A common myth is storing your coffee in the fridge…unfortunately, the coffee takes on moisture which dramatically effects both shelf live and flavour. Finally, enjoy within 3 months of roast date.

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