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Accidentally order the wrong amount or grind? That’s no problem. Get in touch with us at and we’ll see what we can do.

Our subscription service is designed to remove the hassle out of reordering coffee. Simply select your preferences, such as the frequency of your subscription, and we’ll automate the rest by taking payment and delivering coffee to your doorstep.

If you’d like to adjust or cancel your subscription you can log in to your account and make changes any time.

That will depend on how much coffee you drink. Typically 250g makes 15 cups, and 1kg makes 60.

COVID-19 Update:

Firstly, we hope you are safe and well. We’ve made some adjustments to our team’s working schedule in order to keep the roastery operating. We are still quality-checking, roasting, grinding, packing and shipping coffee to homes across the UK. Business as usual, for us is ensuring we keep key workers and coffee lovers at coffee fuelled during this tough period.

Your deliveries

As always, once your coffee is with our delivery partners, it’s down to them to get it safely to your door. They’re working as hard as they can to keep their service running smoothly, but the Covid-19 situation means Royal Mail are experiencing some delays.

In line with the Royal Mail updates, we are asking that you wait 5 working days after your order has been shipped before contacting us about its whereabouts.

We know it’s frustrating waiting for your coffee to arrive, but that way we can help you more quickly if your order actually has experienced any issues.

We appreciate your understanding during this time. In the meantime, why not check out our social feeds for brewing tips and coffee chat.

Yes, absolutely! Head here to buy a gift certificate for a one-off purchase or a subscription.

Yes! Go to Balance for Business and you can contact us about a custom business order there.

No, we do not currently supply coffee wholesale.

Quality is the reason we started Balance Coffee to begin with! Our commitment to you is simple: we’ll send you ethically sourced, delicious coffee in every single bag. The coffee we use is all Speciality grade and the green beans we source are all packaged in vacuum packed parcels or Plastic Grain Pro bags which give the raw product a longer shelf life. We roast every day in small batches and we use the latest roasting software to profile our coffees and to ensure consistency. We also regularly cup our coffees to ensure each batch matches the last as much as possible. Once roasted, our coffee is sent out in a foil lined bag with a one-way valve for optimum freshness. Our 250g bags are resealable too.

Specialty coffee is a term for the highest grade of coffee available. On the 100 point Coffee Review Scale, speciality coffee will score 80 and above. Only 3% of coffee worldwide is speciality grade.

We are located in London, England.

Unfortunately we are only supplying mainland UK at the moment.

Certainly not! Our coffees have no artificial additives or flavourings. When you visit our Coffees page, you’ll notice that we include descriptive flavour notes for each coffee. These refer to the flavours that are produced inside the coffee bean during the growing environment which are released during the roasting process.

The chocolates, nuts and fruity flavours described in each coffee are identified by our coffee tasting team. Our coffee roaster then hand-roasts each coffee to enhance these flavours even further.

By adding these descriptions we want our customers to choose the right coffee to suit their taste preferences. The best analogy is to think of it in the same way as you do wine; the flavour is natural, delicate and often subjective based on our own individual taste buds.

Whilst some of our coffees are labelled Organic, many are not. Organic certification is indeed synonymous with more responsible production, but this can be difficult for the smallholders that we work with. Trying to get a smallholder with a few acres of land to apply, and in particular pay for, Organic certification is unfortunately unlikely. The good news is our network and experience in working with quality-focused importers means the majority of the farms we work with are Organic by default. In other scenarios, the farmers have no choice but to use pesticides due to the size of their land.

We are often asked if our coffee is Fairtrade. The term Fairtrade has become a grey area in the coffee industry over the past few years. While the Fairtrade Foundation has done some great work to help many farmers out of poverty, for farmers that are producing higher quality coffees, there are better markets than Fairtrade. There are many resources online that will explain this in detail, but simply put, the Fairtrade breakdown benefits middle men rather than the farmers directly.

We know that the market that we operate in rewards the farmer more than the Fairtrade Model. We buy exceptional coffees which the farmer can price higher than they would in the Fairtrade system. We pride ourselves on paying this higher cost which in turn helps the farmers’ livelihood.

The majority of our coffee is from South America, specifically Colombia and Brazil. We like the coffee’s light to medium body and wide flavour profile.

We are constantly roasting our coffees! We guarantee that you will receive your fresh beans or ground coffee a day or two after we’ve roasted them.

All of our coffees are a light to medium roast. We don’t specify on our product descriptions because the strength of the coffee will depend on how you brew it. You can learn more about the difference between light and dark roast coffee here.

All of our coffees are great, so naturally we would recommend them all! However, if you’re really stumped, we’d recommend trying our subscription service. We do the choosing for you, and you’ll be able to try a variety of flavours.

Single origin is a term that you will often hear when talking about coffee. Simply put, it means that the coffee is from one geographic area. This could be from one region or country, or more specifically from one farm or estate. Because the coffee is from the same place, this means it tends to be seasonal.

Our single origin coffees are seasonal, which means they will leave eventually. It’s difficult to say how long they’ll be in stock, because it all depends on how popular it is. So if you like the sound of a particular coffee, make sure not to miss out!

We would recommend buying a bag of that particular coffee, especially if it is a seasonal product. If it proves to be popular, it might not stick around for long.

You can keep up with our new releases by following us on social media, or by signing up to our newsletter.

If you have a grinder at home then always opt for fresh whole beans rather than ground. Whole beans allow the coffee to stay fresh right up until you grind it. By grinding only what you need, your coffee will taste fresher in the cup and last longer in the bag. You can still make decent coffee with pre-ground but we always strive for the best flavour.

This is totally your choice! Go for the method you enjoy making. That could be the slow and relaxed process of a pour-over V60, or the time-saving Aeropress or espresso. 

For detailed instructions to help you get the best from each brewing method, follow our coffee recipes and video brew guides.

If we’re talking freshly roasted beans, then we recommend using within 3 months from the coffee’s roast date. With ground coffee, you begin to lose quality straight away as it has a bigger surface area and the coffee particles (grounds) are exposed to air much faster!

With so many coffee brewing devices available on the market nowadays, it naturally can be overwhelming and confusing. Our top tip is to make sure you choose a coffee brewer that is straightforward, fun to use and easy to clean afterwards – let’s be honest, no one likes the cleaning part!

Yes, we supply some coffee equipment! You can find them here.

If your machine uses coffee grounds, then yes! However, we do not currently sell coffee pods or capsules.

Our first recommendation is to buy freshly roasted whole beans. Ditch supermarket coffee as it’s typically not as fresh as it passes through the supply chain. Grind only what you need each time you brew coffee.  Keep your coffee sealed in your bag or store in a cool and dry place. An airtight container works a treat!  A common myth is storing your coffee in the fridge…unfortunately, the coffee takes on moisture which dramatically effects both shelf live and flavour. Finally, enjoy within 3 months of roast date.

We’re currently making Balance Coffee School, which is an online coffee hub for our community. For now, you can head to our learn coffee page to watch videos about making a great cup of coffee.

Yes! Head to our blog to find a selection of our favourite recipes.

There has long been debate about whether coffee is healthy for you. To put it simply, it is fine if drunk in moderation. If you’re particularly sensitive to the caffeine, you can always try drinking a decaf instead!

This will depend on how long you brew your coffee for – unfortunately we can’t give a specific number! However, if you’re worried about the caffeine, you can try our decaf options.

We use the Swiss Water Process. This method extracts the caffeine without using any chemicals. Instead, it removes caffeine using water from the pure mountains of British Columbia, Canada.

Yes, absolutely! If you have a garden, we would recommend spreading the coffee grounds on flower beds of plants such as hydrangeas or azaleas – they’ll love the acidity. You can also add coffee grounds to compost. As it degrades, it will release nitrogen and create a rich, lovely compost.

Great question! We’re called Balance Coffee because balance is at the core of what we do. We wanted to create a subscription service that would fit into a perfectly balanced lifestyle. Not to mention that the word ‘balance’ is also a fantastic description for our perfectly roasted coffees! When brewed, they provide a flawlessly balanced cup of coffee.

You can learn more about the story behind Balance here.

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