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Accidentally order the wrong amount or grind? That's no problem. Get in touch with us at and we'll see what we can do.

That will depend on how much coffee you drink. Typically our 250g bags make 15 cups, and our 1kg bags make 60 cups.

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Our commitment to you is simple: we’ll send you ethically sourced, fresh coffee in every single bag. The coffee we use is all Speciality grade and We roast every day in small batches. We regularly cup our coffees to ensure each batch matches the last. Once roasted, our coffee is sent out to you in 100% sustainable packaging ready for you to enjoy.

Yes - they are regularly tested at origin during the processing process. The farmers take pride in the picking and sorting process to ensure no bad beans are selected.
At Balance, we’re fresher than fresh. All Balance Coffees bags are sealed with a heat seal immediately after we bag the coffee just 24-48h after roasting. Due to our quality packaging and fast delivery, your coffee will arrive as fresh as the day it was roasted.
At Balance Coffee we predominantly roast a medium profile for the majority of coffees apart from our single origins which are generally a touch lighter. Professional Cuppers have described our coffee as “balanced, with a very clean flavour.
Our coffee is hand roasted in London, UK.

Yes! Balance Coffee Decaf is called Halcyon and it’s super tasty.

As a progressive roaster focusing on quality we use the phrase 'speciality coffee' to mean coffees that have scored 80+ according to the SCA and CQI coffee grading standard.

A lot of hard work goes into the production of speciality grade coffee, and all of the producers we work with will have earned a significant premium for the high quality coffee that they produce. We look to purchase coffees that score of 82+ and in most cases 85+. From a taste point of view, there is a significant difference between a coffee that scores 80 and one that scores 85. Generally speaking, coffees that score higher have more complexity.

We source coffees from so many countries across the globe however, predominantly these coffees are from the common coffee growing regions otherwise known as the coffee belt. Examples include Africa, Asia, South and Central America. We have a great relationship with the farmers and co-ops, and are confident they meet all of our selection criteria for the highest quality green coffee beans.

We are currently roasting Monday to Thursday. We guarantee that you will receive your coffee beans or ground coffee super fresh and just a day or two after we've roasted them.

Certainly not! Our full range of coffees have no artificial additives or flavourings. When you visit our Coffees page, you’ll notice that we include descriptive flavour notes for each coffee. These refer to the subtle notes we taste which help provide some guidance to your preference. The chocolates, nuts and fruity flavours described in each coffee are identified by our coffee tasting team. By adding these descriptions we want our customers to choose the right coffee to suit their taste preferences. The best analogy is to think of it in the same way as you do wine; the flavour is natural, delicate and often subjective based on our own individual taste buds.

Our single origin coffees are seasonal, which means they will leave eventually. It's difficult to say how long they'll be in stock, because it all depends on how popular it is. So if you like the sound of a particular coffee, make sure not to miss out!

If you have a grinder at home then always opt for fresh whole beans rather than ground. Whole beans allow the coffee to stay fresh right up until you grind it. By grinding only what you need, your coffee will taste fresher in the cup and last longer in the bag. You can still make great coffee with pre-ground but it just won't last as long.

This is totally your choice! Generally speaking, you have espresso or filter coffee to choose from. Alternatively, you could go for the method you enjoy making. That could be the slow and relaxed process of a pour-over V60, or the time-saving Aeropress or espresso. For detailed instructions to help you get the best from each brewing method, visit our coffee blog and view our how-to coffee videos.

If we're talking freshly roasted beans, then we recommend using within 3 months from the coffee's roast date. With ground coffee, you begin to lose quality straight away as it has a bigger surface area and the coffee particles (grounds) are exposed to air much faster!

Our first recommendation is to buy freshly roasted whole beans. Ditch supermarket coffee as it’s typically not as fresh as it passes through the supply chain. Grind only what you need each time you brew coffee. Keep your coffee sealed in your bag or store in a cool and dry place. An airtight container works a treat! A common myth is storing your coffee in the fridge…unfortunately, the coffee takes on moisture which dramatically effects both shelf live and flavour. Finally, enjoy within 3 months of roast date.

Yes! Head to our coffee blog to find a selection of our favourite recipes from food and coffee mashups to regular drink recipes.

There has long been debate about whether coffee is healthy for you. To put it simply, it is fine if drank in moderation. If you're particularly sensitive to the caffeine, you can always try drinking a decaf instead!

Yes, absolutely! If you have a garden, we would recommend spreading the coffee grounds on flower beds of plants such as hydrangeas or azaleas - they'll love the acidity. You can also add coffee grounds to compost. As it degrades, it will release nitrogen and create a rich, lovely compost. Why not read our full article on the best ways to recycle your coffee grounds

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Coffee Subscriptions

Our subscription service is designed to remove the hassle out of reordering coffee. Simply select your preferences, such as the frequency of your subscription, and we’ll automate the rest by taking payment and delivering coffee to your doorstep.

If you’d like to adjust or cancel your subscription you can log in to your account and make changes any time.

Yes, absolutely! Head to our coffee subscription products to purchase a one-off purchase or a sign up your friend up for an on-going subscription.

All of our coffees are great, so naturally we would recommend them all! However, if you're really stumped, we'd recommend trying our subscription service. We do the choosing for you, and you'll be able to try a variety of flavours.

If it's one of our single origin coffees then it's unlikely we'll have it again as these coffees are generally rare and exclusive lots of coffee. If it was a blend then yes, as we have these coffees in our range all year round.

Just remember, the single origin coffees are rare so If it proves to be popular, it might not stick around for long so make sure you grab your bag to try it out!

You can keep up with our new releases by following us on social media, or by signing up to our newsletter.

Even better, you can enjoy ever changing freshly roasted coffees by signing up to our coffee subscription service. We have a monthly coffee subscription, a fortnightly subscription and a weekly coffee subscription depending on your needs.

Shipping & Order Info
Accidentally order the wrong amount or grind? That's no problem. Get in touch with us at and we'll see what we can do.

If you placed your order and still haven't received it then please get in touch with us at and we'll investigate the issue immediately.

Once your coffee is with our delivery partners, it’s down to them to get it safely to your door. They’re working as hard as they can to keep their service running smoothly, but the Covid-19 situation means Royal Mail are experiencing some minor delays in certain areas. For all orders under 2KG we use Royal Mail 24H tracked shipping. For an orders above 2KG we use DPD next day delivery.

Unfortunately we only supply to the UK & Ireland at the moment.

We're big on sustainability at Balance Coffee. You can read about we're contributing to people and our planet via our sustainability page.

All of our coffee beans are sourced from cooperatives and direct trade relationships located all over the world. We purchase speciality grade coffee which accounts for just 3-4% of the total coffee consumed globally. We pay a higher price for this grade of coffee and not just because it tastes delicious – it also helps coffee farmers at origin, as it is sold at a fairer price than commodity coffee. It’s not a complete solution by any means, but we’re able to genuinely improve farmers’ livelihoods, whilst also helping to create a sustainable supply of coffee for the future.

Our full range of coffees will always be fully traceable. This means transparency about each coffee, including the farm, the region and the altitude in which they are grown in.

As a business we are actively reducing our carbon footprint by planting trees each month via Ecologi. See how else we're reducing our carbon emissions by visiting our sustainability page.

Sage Coffee Machines
At Balance, we supply the full range of Sage equipment. We offer home coffee machines, accessories and more.

Yes, we partner with the popular Clearpay for all buy now pay later purchases. It's safe and secure and a great way to get that home coffee machine you've wanted for a while

Getting to grips with your new sage machine takes a bit of practise but we’ve created plenty of Sage content to make sure you’re getting the most out of your machine. Here’s a link to the most frequently asked questions for sage machines.

First up, you'll need to decide whether you want to drink espresso based drinks (lattes, flat whites, americano, espresso, cappuccino etc) or filter coffee?

If your answer is espresso based drinks, you'll need to be aware this is the more expensive route if you want to recreate the cafe style experience (it's so worth it). Check out our range of home coffee machines. You can also spread your purchase over 4 payments.

If you prefer filter coffee or black coffee, then check out our range of coffee brewing kit which are quick and easy to use coffee makers.

So you’ve received your new sage coffee machine but can’t quite get the milk to froth right? No worries, we’ve got a blog that explains how to froth your milk perfectly so you’re pouring latte art like the other sage home baristas.

Let’s be honest, no one likes cleaning...but cleaning your coffee machine is really important. Luckily, Sage has made it really simple. Check out our blog on how to clean a Sage coffee machine which includes step by step instructions and videos.

Descaling your sage machine is one of the most frequently asked questions we receive. Should you use vinegar or shouldn't you? We’ve dispelled all the myths by creating the most accurate guide to descaling your sage coffee machine at home so that you can ignore all the other clutter out there.

This one is simple. Sage has specifically designed their machine range for the budding home baristas using the perfect technology. Sage also has a fantastic after-sale service offering fantastic warranty and customer service - exactly why we’re an official Sage machine supplier.

With a range of sage machine models to buy online, it can be confusing understanding which model to purchase for your personal home coffee needs. We’ve created an 2021 sage coffee machine buying guide so that you can find a machine that turns you into a barista pro.

Making a flat white with your sage machine is easy when you known how. Follow our quick guide to master milk like the experts.

The biggest difference between the two machines is the digital vs. analog displays. The Express has multiple buttons for various functions and an analogue pressure gauge in the middle of the display. By comparison, the Barista Pro has a bright, backlit digital display with smaller buttons.

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