Why It’s Time to Try the UK’s Best New Coffee Subscription

Why It’s Time to Try the UK’s Best New Coffee Subscription

Balance Coffee is the UK’s best newest coffee subscription. We offer more than just a subscription service. We offer an experience that will inspire people to drink ethically sourced, high-quality coffee at home.

Searching for Balance

To explain why our coffees are so special, we talked to our founder James Bellis about Balance. “For me, balance is the key to living your best life! We’re all trying our best to balance our dream career and personal pursuits. The thing that connects all of life’s moments together, is coffee. That little cup of joy that motivates me to bring my A game at work, that creates intimate memories with family and friends. The fuel for my workouts and that moment of pause with my favourite book. So why settle for anything less than exceptional coffee?” He adds, “The word ‘balance’ is also a fantastic description for our perfectly roasted coffees. When brewed, they provide a flawlessly balanced cup of coffee.”

The coffee industry wasn’t a random decision for James. Not only does he run the @eating_in_london Instagram account, where he blogs about the top food spots in London, he has also learnt the craft of coffee from the ground up. “I left university and had a fluke opportunity to join the coffee industry via a family contact,” James explains. “I ended up joining one of the UK’s largest coffee companies as a barista trainer. Here I trained other people how to make coffee in a matter of weeks after some very intense training. I essentially went from ‘disliking coffee’ to coffee becoming a huge part of my life and daily routine.”

Balance Coffee Founder, James Bellis - coffee subscription

James is rarely found without a coffee


Following this, James went on to work for a world famous Italian espresso machine manufacturer, Sanremo UK. Here he headed up sales and marketing for the UK for a number of years. After leaving Sanremo, James went into lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic. “During a moment of inspiration one Sunday evening, exactly a week after the UK went into lockdown, I realised that the main thing getting me through each day, was coffee. I created Balance Coffee at lightening speed after I decided to combine my 8 years of coffee knowledge, contacts and my passion for ethically sourced delicious coffee, with a vision to build a coffee brand that coffee lovers can rely on to improve their daily lives”

You can read more about James and his story here.

The shining star

Our coffees are ‘speciality’ grade, which means that they are rare and unlikely to be found in supermarkets. ‘Speciality’ is the highest grade of coffee available worldwide. On the 100 point Coffee Review Scale, speciality coffee scores 80 and above. This means that our coffees have ‘excitement and distinction in aroma and flavour’, and are ‘perfect in structure’. Only 3% of coffee worldwide is speciality grade.

You would be surprised how complex the flavours in coffee can be. In fact, it has more aromatic and flavour compounds than wine. Many sommeliers might not want to admit it, but coffee is much more complex than people perceive it to be. The main thing that separates the two is the fact that there are more people who are educated on wine than coffee. Combining the coffee flavour wheel (a guide for communicating coffee flavours) and our own expertise, we then hand-roast the beans to ensure the best flavour possible.

Our coffees are sourced from around the world. They change frequently, not only because coffee is seasonal, but also because some of the highest quality coffees can only be produced in small batches. James thinks this is one of the best aspects of Balance coffee. “This is one thing I love about coffee. Just like enjoying seasonal produce, there is constant excitement every time we receive a new coffee that we haven’t tried before.”

Our single-origin coffees are sourced from a wide variety of countries – from South America to China to Rwanda. The coffees from Asia are particularly exciting to us, as it is a continent which is new to growing speciality grade coffees. However, no matter where our coffees are from, we always ensure that they are up to our extremely high standards in terms of both flavour and ethical sourcing. James says, “I’m really motivated to create a positive impact by supporting the livelihoods of coffee farmers at origin, which in turn helps create a sustainable supply of coffee for the future.”

The Coffee Subscription

Coffee is much like wine: the flavour is natural, delicate and often subjective based on our own individual tastebuds. But how can you really know what type of coffee you like? One of the best ways to try all of our different flavours (including single origin beans and speciality blends) is through our coffee subscription service. Simply select your delivery preferences (weekly, bi-weekly and monthly), the quantity and the grind type, and we automate the rest by taking payment and delivering speciality coffee at your chosen frequency.

Furthermore, our subscription is designed to take the hassle out of reordering coffee. James explains the reasoning behind the subscription: “Aside from creating an incredibly high quality product that people genuinely love to consume, I also wanted to create a convenient service that people could rely on. Coming from London myself, I live a very busy life and having those convenient services that remove the hassle is really important. You could say I was my own perfect customer to begin with. I have my own coffee subscription sent to my house so that I can also experience what it’s like to be my very own customer.”

Through our coffee subscription we are able to give farmers a fairer price and consumers a better and infinitely higher quality brew.

To learn more about Balance Coffee, head to our FAQs. We’ve also launched the Balance Barista School, where James shares exclusive how-to videos, coffee recipes and brew guides.

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