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If we are talking freshly roasted beans, then we recommend using within 3 months from the coffees roast date. With ground coffee, you begin to lose quality immediately as it has a bigger surface area and the coffee particles (grounds) are exposed to air much faster!

Ideally, use fresh whole beans rather than ground. You’ll need to invest in a grinder but take it from us, it’s so worth it. Grind only what you need at one time. Then, follow our coffee recipes and video brew guides for specific instructions on each individual brew method. Ultimately, choose the method you enjoy making whether it’s slow and relaxing or a faster method on if you’re on the go!

Our first recommendation is to buy freshly roasted whole beans. Ditch supermarket coffee as it’s typically not as fresh as it passes through the supply chain. Grind only what you need each time you brew coffee. Keep your coffee sealed in your bag or store in a cool and dry place. An airtight container works a treat! A common myth is storing your coffee in the fridge…unfortunately, the coffee takes on moisture which dramatically effects both shelf live and flavour. Finally, enjoy within 3 months of roast date.

Certainly not! The coffees we sell have no artificial additives or flavourings at all. When you visit the Coffees page on our website, you’ll notice that we include descriptive flavour notes for each coffee. These refer to the flavours that are produced inside the coffee bean during both the growing environment , and then finally released during the roasting process.

The chocolates, nuts and fruity flavours described in each coffee are identified by our coffee tasting team. Our coffee roaster then hand-roasts each coffee to enhance these flavours even further.

By adding these descriptions we want our customers to choose the right coffee to suit their taste preferences. The best analogy is to think of it in the same way as you do wine; the flavour is natural, delicate and often subjective based on our own individual taste buds.

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